Google shows off its newest phone, made entirely of paper

After a successful launch of Pixel 4, Google is dealing with its embarrassing Pixel 4’s face unlock flaw but that won’t stop them from announcing its new product. The search giant has been working towards designing an environment where people use their device less, like its Digital Wellbeing, but the new product is a phone that is made of, prepare your mind, entirely of paper!

Google shows off its newest phone, made entirely of paper

Made under ‘Experiments with Google,’ this new phone is a printable paper phone that will help you take a break from the digital world. In simple words, this allows users to give up their phone for a day by putting any information needed, like contact details, map directions, etc. into a printable, phone-sized booklet.

The video explains, “A lot of people feel like they spend too much time on their phones and miss out on the things that are right in front of their eyes. But it’s hard to use our phones less because we’ve come to depend on them. We’ve come up with a simple way to have a digital detox. All you need to do is choose the things which are important to you and our app will print out your very own paper phone.”

Google Creative Lab team lead Emma Turpin wrote in a blog post, “We hope these experiments inspire developers and designers to keep digital well-being top of mind when building technology.”

The new Paper Phone is not the very first attempt by Google; Google Cardboard was introduced in 2014, a way to view virtual reality applications on a smartphone. According to Google, it shipped 10 million pairs of low-tech glasses in 19 months.

Google has freshly launched five new Digital Wellbeing applications. They include ‘Unlock Clock,’ a live wallpaper that gives you how many times you’ve unlocked the phone throughout the day. ‘Post-Box’ app clubs all your notifications and unfolds them until a specific time. ‘Morph’ delivers apps only when you need them.


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