Google to Replace Android Beam with Fast Share

Android users always boast off about the things their phones can do but iPhone users ruled two domains – File sharing and messaging. For file sharing, Apple’s AirDrop is unparalleled even in the Android world, their iMessage will see competition in the near future in the form of Rich Communication Services. File sharing was always done via third-party applications like SHAREit or Send it Anywhere but native support was missing. Sure, there is the Android Beam but it needs you to switch on the NFC (most phones don’t have them) and it then shares the file via Bluetooth. The whole process was convoluted. According to some leaks by 9to5Google, Google will introduce a whole new file sharing system with the upcoming Android Q, called Fast Share.

Some screenshots gave us a sneak-peek into the UI and its features.

Google to Replace Android Beam with Fast Share

Going by the leaks, you’ll first have to select a file to share and click on the share button wherein a shortcut to Fast Share will be present amongst other applications. It will use Bluetooth to find nearby devices. An ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection is then created to transfer files between two phones. You can set friends or family’s number as ‘preferred visibility’ which will let them see your phone when you are around.

The feature is a lot like Apple’s AirDrop which is quite popular among Apple users. There’s not a specific date as to when this feature will be out but our bets are on a debut with the upcoming Google Pixel 4 siblings. This feature will be a part of the Nearby service in Google Play Services.

This feature will be a blessing on the Android world as until now, users had to download a third-party app to share huge files.


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