Google to soon make wearables as it is eyeing to acquire FitBit

Wearables are a fun new type of technology which has a lot of potentials. Almost every other tech firm is trying their hands (pun intended) on them, in their own unique way. Google’s name is not on the list but may soon change. Reuters reports that Google’s parent company, Alphabet, might consider buying the popular wearable company Fitbit.

Google to soon make wearables as it is eyeing to acquire FitBit

Although the rumors are spread like wildfire, there is no further information on whether the deal will take place or even if it does, how much will Alphabet offer to Fitbit to buy them. It was earlier reported that Fitbit was in the process of exploring a sale.

If it’s a done deal, Google won’t totally be new to the world of smartwatches as it has its own Wear OS operating system. But, here too, Google faces stiff competition from Apple Watch and Samsung’s Tizen operating system used in their wearables. Other reports claim that Google paid Fossil a whopping $40 million in order to acquire an unknown smartwatch technology but as of now, it’s unclear as to what is it.

To recall, Google almost announced its smartwatch back in 2016 but it was soon terminated the idea as they thought it could “bring down the name of the Google hardware brand. This deal, if it ever happens, will benefit Fitbit too, as it has been striving for a top position amongst Chinese competition like Xiaomi and Huawei that offer affordable fitness trackers.

If you take Google’s hardware portfolio into considering, it has launched its own phones, laptops, speakers, and more. Unfortunately, it didn’t think much about the smartwatch market.


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