Google’s new Android update might come with a feature that is already present in iPhones

Google is planning on bringing dark mode automation to Android in Android 11.

Android 10 and iOS 13 are the first mobile operating systems to incorporate system-wide support for dark mode. Google is planning to improve it by introducing the Dark Mode schedule. However, Android users will have to wait for Android 11 to roll out in order to experience the feature that is already available on the iPhone. According to Google Issue Tracker via XDA Developers, the search giant may finally improve one of the key features that debuted in Android 10 – Dark Mode. The dark mode will make it easier for users to operate their phones at night and will also help reduce energy consumption.

Google's new Android update might come with a feature that is already present in iPhones
Image Source: Times of India
Before Android 10 rolled out to its users, the company pulled this feature citing some compatibility issues. The firm has managed to fix it and bring the feature in the upcoming Android updates, as per the Google Issue Tracker. Moreover, Google has not yet confirmed which version will include the Dark Mode schedule.
“The issue reported here has been fixed and it will become available in a future Android release. Thanks again for the report,” stated one of the members. The issue was created in June this year as one of the members stated that “I would like to request to have the option to schedule ‘Night Mode’, the very same way ‘Night Light’ can already be scheduled in Android Pie. Having the option to automatically toggle ON/OFF would allow me to not hurt my eyes if I would ever happen to forget to toggle it manually in the future – on Android Q. This would be a massive help to me since my eyes are very sensitive to bright lighting conditions.”
The first beta for Android 11 is expected to drop in March whereas the final release is likely scheduled for late Q3 2020.


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