Google’s three new apps will limit your smartphone usage

One of them includes an envelope.

In a bid to curb smartphone addiction, Google unveiled 5 new experimental apps under its digital wellbeing initiative last year in October. Extending that initiative are three new apps that have simple solutions to limit your smartphone usage.


The Envelope app currently supports only the Pixel 3a and if you own one, this app can “transform your phone into a simpler, calmer device.” But in order to do that, you’ll have to print out a PDF and then fold that printout into an envelope. After you put your Pixel 3a inside the printed envelope, you can only use it to make calls and click photos.

Activity Buddies

Google's three new apps will limit your smartphone usage

No, this app isn’t designed to track your buddy’s fitness. The Activity Bubbles is rather a simple app that will tell you what’s your phone usage like. Every time you unlock your phone, a new bubble will be joined to your wallpaper.  So, the more you unlock and use your phone, the bigger the bubbles on your screen grow.

Screen Stopwatch

Google's three new apps will limit your smartphone usage

Screen Stopwatch app is another simple app that will tell you the time you spend on your phone every day. This app will show you the total phone usage each day, unlike the Unlock app that showed how many times you unlocked your phone.

Google is trying hard to limit smartphone addiction. The question is, will it work?


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