Great Uses for Food Vacuum Sealers

You may have heard about vacuum sealers on an infomercial, however, this product truly works to preserve food and keep it fresh. This product was introduced in the ’90s and 2000s when Foodsaver became popular but it has since lost the interest of consumers. 

However, there is a resurgence of interest due to sous vide cooking that became quite popular with home chefs. Now, these vacuum sealers are used around the world in professional kitchens and more people are buying them so they can cook sous vide in their own homes. 

If you’re thinking about getting the vacuum sealer for your own purposes or for sous vide, then there are lots of reasons you should do so. 

Allows bulk storage of cheese and meat

Back in the ’90s when this product became initially popular, the main benefit that was advertised was that it would allow you to keep perishable food items for much longer such as cheese and meat. So, you can buy and store these items in bulk so that it would be better for your pocket. 

Now, in this present day, this is still an excellent reason why you should purchase a vacuum sealer. 

When it comes to the quality and freshness of your food, the air is the biggest issue. Where there is oxygen, mold will grow. Surely, you’ve seen mold growing on the cheese in your fridge after its been left there for a few weeks. 

When you place your food in the freezer, the air still gets into contact with it which causes dehydration and oxidation resulting in freezer burn. So, once you get rid of the air around your food, then you will reduce the risk of it spoiling. If you’re interested in learning more then go here for more info on these vacs. 

Sous vide cooking

Now, it is not essential that you have a vacuum sealer in order to cook sous vide. All you need is a pot that is filled with water along with a bag with a zip on it. This will allow you to easily do sous vide cooking along with an immersion circulator. 

In the event that you do enjoy cooking in this way regularly, then it is best to get a vacuum sealer as it will be much more effective than a bag with a zip. It will also ensure that all of the air is removed from the bag so that it sinks when it is placed in the water to cook. 

Leave ingredients for another time

This vacuum sealer allows you to save your ingredients. For example, if you purchased a bunch of cilantro but the recipe you’re making only needs a few sprinkles, then you can use the vacuum sealer to store it safely for another time. This will ensure that you have significantly less food waste. 

The sealer is effective at preserving a wide range of vegetables, fruits and even herbs for many months inside of your freezer or weeks in your fridge. The great thing about this product is that you can have fresh fruits and vegetables for many weeks instead of having them go bad within a few days. 

If you have dry ingredients, then these can also go bad since most people only use small amounts. However, preserving these by sealing the bag isn’t quite effective. 

So, you should simply place them in a glass canning jar and then seal it. There are lots of attachments that can be purchased for vacuum sealers that allow you to seal jars. So, once you get one of these attachments you can open a jar, use whatever you need and then seal it again so that the food or ingredients stay fresh.  For spices, using a jar is a lot more effective since if you use a vacuum bag, you will have to cut it numerous times which is quite wasteful.

Re-seal your snacks such as chips

Once you open a bag of chips or tortillas, they will quickly go stale. If you use the vacuum sealer to remove the air from the bag, then this will simply cause the chips to get crushed to dust. As a result, you should instead use the vacuum sealer to reseal the bags instead of removing the air. 

Always have fresh wine

You can even use the vacuum sealer to keep your wine fresh! You can get the bottle stopper attachment and then re-seal the bottle once you have finished drinking. However, you should not do this with any sparkling wines as they will get flat. You can also use this particular attachment to re-seal oil, vinegar, and other specialty products. 

Non-food items

Lastly, you can also use a vacuum sealer for non-food items. You can use it to seal your important documents such as your will, deed, car titles, etc. This will help to protect them in the case of flooding or plumbing issues in your home. 

You can even use the sealer in your emergency kit for items that typically degrade after a while such as certain medications and bandages. You can also use it to seal particular items that become useless upon getting wet, such as matches.

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