GuRu’s new wireless charging system can charge your devices with only radio waves

The devices will b on display at the CES 2020.

Solar charging is real but too vague. So a startup firm chose radio waves as a charging source. Known as GuRu, the firm has created a wireless charging system that transfers electricity by utilizing high-frequency radio waves, specifically the millimeter wave (mmWave).

GuRu's new wireless charging system can charge your devices with only radio waves

Image Source: The Verge

GuRu will unveil their three prototype charging products At CES 2020. It will be developed with electronics manufacturers. These three prototypes consist of a desk charging system, a room-scale version, and a robot.

GuRu’s devices have some specific qualities. The desk charging system wirelessly charges any gadget provided that it is within a few feet of the device, the room-scaled version is the size of a ceiling tile with a tad bit more range and the robot that can move in a large space to charge small smart devices such as cameras and IoT sensors.

GuRu’s Co-founder and CEO Florian Bohn said, “The idea of sending power of distance is not new. Nikola Tesla had that same idea that power should be sent wirelessly. What makes us different is we’re using very advanced technology as well as our system design and mmWave technology that allows us to send power in a controlled and safe and effective manner.” Bohn has previously worked in a company called Axiom Semiconductor and worked on a CalTech initiative which was used to harness solar power and then beam it to Earth using microwaves.

He further added, “The radio waves themselves are inherently non-ionizing. It’s very targeted. If your device is powered and you’re sitting nearby, you have almost zero exposure. Like all radio devices, we’re going through the same process of regulatory approval.”

GuRu’s Bohn and the other co-founders are positive that if this idea is successful, it could be the next big thing that could be the norm in the future. GuRu has a vision that includes these products used in every nook and corner of your home, a store, an office or even a warehouse. Consumers wouldn’t even have to worry as to how long the device will hold its charge as the power will be running through the air at all times. This is something that Tesla has theorized over 120 years ago.


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