5 Hacks to Write Killer Push Notifications Which Get Clicked

You might already know that your subscriber count can inevitably boost your eLearning brand’s image and in return drive more revenue. And, the answer to driving more subscribers is the adoption of push notifications which are actually underused. But, how do you make your prospective learners opt-in for it? Well, a killer push notification copy can do wonders for your eLearning business when delivered at the right time to the right audience. So, we are here to your rescue and have mentioned below five hacks to help you craft compelling push notifications with which you can get started right away.  

Be crisp and succinct

Today, when people are bombarded with hundreds and thousands of marketing messages, making your opt-in copy stand out is a bit tedious. The simplest way to go about is to be succinct, unambiguous, and concise with what you have to offer to your prospects who have a reduced attention span. The character limit for push notifications generally ranges between 40-120 characters. Hence, it is very important to write a crisp copy that effortlessly captures the essence being communicated. Get your message across in the most creative ways but in the fewest words possible, your audience will appreciate it. Moreover, don’t forget to be action-oriented as vague messages tend to be ignored by the users. So, persuade them by providing a clear action! A few examples which work best for eLearning businesses are: ‘Download your ebook now’, ‘Grab the last chance to enroll for XYZ course’ and others such. 

Personalize your message

One of the most significant answers for how to craft persuasive push notifications is to be personal, as such messages have higher conversion rates than generic opt-ins. The one size fits all approach must be dropped as users shall not be interested unless there’s something specific pertaining to their interest. By leveraging user data as they subscribe to your opt-ins can be used to analyze their behavioral pattern and interests which shall be a stepping stone to crafting messages which resonate with them. For instance, if your learners are inclined towards artificial intelligence and machine learning, sending them opt-in about the same shall prove beneficial. 

Help users accomplish something 

One of the main reasons for your existence as large businesses are helping your users accomplish something which should also be your ultimate purpose. For instance, in the case of an eLearning company, your main aim is to enhance the knowledge of your learners with your course content. On the other hand, if you are a shopping portal, your sole purpose is to make their life beautiful somehow. Hence, communicate your brand story to your audience via push notifications you create and hence drive more engagement. 

Leverage scarcity to create FOMO

Humans are more motivated by the idea of potential loss than potential gains thereby giving rise to the concept of FOMO, i.e. fear of missing out. This means that if your audience comes across an opportunity that is going to end anytime soon, their desire for it increases. So, this is what you must implement in your opt-in message as the fear of missing out on a particular course will definitely invite more attention leading to the desired action. 

Use social proof

Humans have always relied on evidence and continue to do so hence using social proof is one of the most effective psychological tricks which can be adopted by marketers. This strategy has never failed to create buzz and is successful time and again. In push notifications, using social proof can help increase the number of clicks. For example, you can mention the number of learners who will be participating in a webinar so they must also grab the opportunity. This inculcates a sense of reliability and users shall opt to go along with what others are already doing. 

Combine these copywriting hacks with best practices and you shall master the art of creating push notifications for your eLearning business. So, entice your audience to click today!

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