Hands-on Video confirms 90Hz Display on the Google Pixel 4

Leaks and rumors ruin the surprise that the OEMs plan to unveil at the official event. Nowadays, photos of what the smartphone would look like reach the internet before it’s revealed by the manufacturer. But, Google went two steps ahead and gave the globe a sneak peek at the upcoming Google Pixel 4. The official launch date is not yet confirmed but rumors are rife suggesting October 15 as the day Google would unveil its 2019’s Pixel. But a hands-on video of the Pixel 4 is already out on YouTube.

YouTube channel Rabbit TV shows off the phone. revealing all that’s there to the phone. The looks are final, as most of the leaks suggested. Google’s magic lies in the software and it was also shown in brief. The phone confirms one rumor and brings back a color. If carefully seen, the users go in-depth in the Settings and reveal something called ‘Smooth Display’ wherein the display reaches its full capacity – 90Hz.

Hands-on Video confirms 90Hz Display on the Google Pixel 4

Furthermore, Google warns the users that turning Smooth Display might take a toll on Pixel 4’s battery life. However, rumors suggest that the phone can automatically change its refresh rate depending on the content. Although only gaming phones like Asus ROG series or Black Shark have been boasting about this feature, OnePlus 7 Pro joined the rank and it seems every manufacturer will embrace this feature in the future.

Another noticeable thing can be seen in the camera app, that has been slightly redesigned. You get a larger preview and rounded corners. The phone is evidently running an incomplete software as the camera app is buggy and the video doesn’t show the Soli radar chip.

One can also see the colors that Google is opting for. The two-tone color scheme makes a return, last seen on the Pixel 2. The color includes an all-black option, the ‘panda’ coloring of the Pixel 2, and a coral color with a black frame. Much cannot be said as the video shouldn’t be considered as an official announcement.


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