Here’s the complete list of what Google announced at CES 2020

Google this year revealed some of the most exciting features at the Consumer Electronics Show. Google didn’t bring any new hardware to Las Vegas, but the company had made some great announcements. Most of the announcements revolved around the Google Assistant. We have listed down all the new features that Google revealed at the event.

Here’s the complete list of what Google announced at CES 2020
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Webpage reading

This was really a great announcement made by Google at CES 2020 as now folks on Android devices will soon be able to say “Hey Google, read this page”. Google also said that it wants to make the page auto scroll/highlight text as it reads.

Scheduled actions

With this feature, you would be able to make one-off requests for things you want to happen later in the day like “Hey Google, turn on the lights at 7 pm”.

Sticky notes

Google is taking the idea of Sticky notes and is going to execute it on their smart displays, allowing you to say things like “Hey Google, leave a note that says ‘Don’t forget to pack’” to pin a note to the lock screen accordingly.

Speed Dial

This feature is basically to replace that list of important phone numbers as it will add a handful of phone numbers to a smart display’s lock screen thereby allowing anyone to quickly call those contacts with a tap or voice command. Unless and until you start the sentence with “Hey Google”, Google Assistant doesn’t record anything. Sometimes when we are in a mid of conversation and only realize you somehow caught Assistant’s attention when it responds “Sorry, I can’t help with that.”


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