Hostinger – Business hosting review

Hostinger is a Cyprus based hosting provider, established in 2004 and going robust ever since. Over the past few years, the provider has launched many hosting brands and services. Business hosting is the latest hosting solution added to their service section which I am going to review today.

So, if you are looking to upgrade your hosting plan but confused whether or not Hostinger’s business hosting – a combination of shared and VPS hosting – will be the right option for you, stick to this review until it ends.

I guess you would like to take a look at the company’s background first. So, here it is!

Hostinger – A Brief Overview

Hostinger is a proud member of ICANN. The company has localized its services in 37 countries. And if I talk about their customer base, you will be stunned to know that they are accommodating 29M users in 179 countries. The company claims that every single day, they receive on an average 15K new sign-ups. If I calculate it, that’s 1 new sign up every 5 seconds.

Now let’s take a lot their pricing models.

Pricing Structure


It is true that you can’t expect business hosting to be as cheap as shared hosting. After all, you’re going to get dedicate resources and robust hosting infrastructure.

Right now, the provider is running 3 plans. The company is offering 45% off on all the plans, but you will have commit to 48 months from the beginning.


Their basic plan named ‘StartUP’ starts at $15.90 for a month.  With this plan, you get 40 GB of disk space, 3GB RAM, and 2 CPU Cores. This plan is ideal to run large-scale sites.


Professional plan is designed to cater the needs of high-traffic eCommerce portals. It supports 2X speed boost that ensures your audience will get a good experience on your online store. This plan comes with 80 GB of disk space, 6 GB RAM, and 4 CPU cores that I guess would be sufficient to run any kind of professional online store. With such great disk space and RAM, you can easily add hundreds of products on your online store without any inconvenience.


It is the premium business plan. If you are building a site that you expect will see a lot of traffic, this plan is well worth the investment. It can easily handle the demands of resource-heavy sites. After all, it provides higher configuration (160 GB of disk space, 12 GB RAM, and 6 CPU Cores) than rest of the plans. The 3X speed boost is a plus.

The good thing is if you find Hostinger is not your best decision within the 30 days, you can ask for the claim. The company runs 30-day money-back guarantee. You will not have to climb mountains to get you your money back as Hostinger has clearly stated on their site that they offer an instant refund without asking a single question.

Additional Features That You Get With Every Plan

Free SSL Certificate

All their business plans include a free SSL certificate. For those who don’t know, an SSL certificate keeps sensitive information such as login ids, passwords, credit/debit card number protected. Indeed, SSL certificate encrypts sensitive information into code so that it can be protected from being misused. If your site deals with the above-mentioned sensitive information, you must get this certificate. Since Hostinger is offering it free of cost you are going to save few dollars for sure.

Automated Backups

When you run a big-size website, it becomes difficult to create a backup manually. Fortunately, with Hostinger you don’t need to do so. All their plans come with a free automated backup feature that creates a daily backup of your site’s data. Moreover, recovering lost data is quite easy, you just need to make a few mouse clicks.

Dedicated Resources

Unlike shared hosting, dedicated hosting is designed to give users an independent hosting environment that is alone designed for users. Hostinger business hosting lets you take complete control over the resources and limits through their advanced servers that run on remote virtual instances. The good thing is dedicated IP is included in every plan.

Free Domain with Annual Plan

If you sign up for their annual business plans, you get a free domain name. Again here you’re saving few dollars.

Integrated Caching

Hostinger business hosting supports built-in cache manager that makes your site ultra fast. Remember, websites with good loading speed always get good ranking in search engine.

3. Evaluation of Their Services

User Friendliness


It is important that the hosting provider you pick provides a simple interface so that both new and experienced users can easily use their services. Most people often feel challenging to use traditional cPanel.

Luckily, Hostinger brings a customized control panel where you will find all the essential tools such as script installer, website builder, file manager, backups, FTP accounts in one place.

And if talk about their server setup, unlike many providers they offer an instant activation. It means you can get started with your website within no time. Considering everything together, we can say the provider provides enough ease of use.

Customer Support

Needless to say, a good customer support is an important part of a great hosting service because while running a website, there are tons of things that can go wrong. As you know trouble doesn’t come knocking, you must have 24/7 access to customer support.

Hostinger has a well-rounded team that offers 24/7 live chat support. No matter, what’s the time or place, you will find answers to your queries for sure. In addition to this, ticket support, forums, and tutorials are also there to help you out.

I had good experience with their chat support. The representative I was interacting with was prompt and knowledgeable. He provided quick answers to all my queries one by one. Coming to the response time, it took less than 1 minute to get connected. However, I would advise you to read reviews about their customer support on independent review sites.

Final Words

Hostinger is one of the renowned hosting providers that has been offering hosting services for more than a decade. No company can survive so long in the industry if it is not reliable. I would say, you must give it a try.

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  1. Over the decade they have improved a lot. And it is clear they have a lot of love for their customers. This is something I see in all reviews and was the last point in my decision when picking a company to host with.


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