HostiServer Review: Is it true that they are the best one in USA?

In today’s era where many of the business practices are carried out online, most of the people are tend to be confused to choose the best hosting for their website.

And it is a very tough job to find a web hosting that fits in the budget and provides loads of awesome services.

Over that!! If you don’t have proper knowledge, choosing the right hosting plan for your website is again a hurdle.

We would be solving most of your problem in this post by providing information about well-known Hosting company “HostiServer”.

HostiServer Review

How is HostiServer different from others?

HostiServer makes sure that you are top in your field by providing the best hosting solution beyond your expectations. It has got modern 3-tier data centers the provide the best network connectivity.

Stuck is a technical problem?

Don’t worry as HostiServer has its own support team available for you 24/7 to provide a solution for the smallest issue.

Worried about time to time backups?

Here also HostiServer has got you covered as it provides time to time cloud storage backups so that whenever you are in need of your data, you can simply download it.

In simple words, HostiServer ensures that you get the best experience right from hosting sites to getting proper guidance on technical support.

HostiServer Main Features:

  • Reliable and Compelling server systems.
  • Real-time tracking support.
  • Speeds up acceleration.
  • Clean and simple UI.
  • Unlimited and free IPv6.
  • Remote backup (only for VPS plans).
  • Easy to set up HostiServer website.
  • Automatic BAckups (MySQL) in local memory.
  • 3 Tier Datacenters.
  • Amazing Technical Support.

HostiServer amazing services

  • VPS hosting: This is the best you can get in the range of $19.95 per month that will provide all the necessities that you need. Apart from this plan, higher plans are also available and you can select any one on based on a complexity of your website.
  • Real-time monitoring: Real-time stats and all the data is available to HostiServer user to analyze and monitor specific areas
  • Dedicated Servers: You can get high performing dedicated server on HostiServer for just $130/ month. All the servers are well maintained and all the errors are resolved quickly.
  • Awesome service: HostiServer has a mission to help all the online business working with them to have the best experience that they ever had. It easily resolves all the issues that demand heavy workloads.
  • Online setup: Need assistance in setting all the necessary stuff for your website but you don’t have enough knowledge to encounter with the same? The online support team at HostiServer will surely help you in our minute problem too.
  • Security: Security of all the online assets is a must and HostiServer does consider it as the main aspect so that your online business doesn’t get affected because of that.
  • SEO Friendly: SEO increase id the number of direct visitors increase. Also, if your website is impressive in the eyes of others, then they will surely do visit your site which will inturn increase your rankings.
  • Low cost Setup: HostiServer website development charges are too much reasonable for a small company as it provides up to the mark solution and best designs.
  • Time to time backups: No one wants to lose the data of a website. HostiServer provides backup services for all their users which are stored in cloud storage.
  • 24/7 support: HostiServer has an amazing support service. No matters what your problem is, HostiServer has a perfect solution for all your problems. It will help you right from configuring all the nameservers to setting your website.

HostiServer CDN

CDN also known as content delivery networks are the servers set up in different locations to ensure that no matter from which location our user searches your content, it is delivered as fast as possible.

Features of HostiServer CDN

  • Assistance in setup: Quick setup guided by the technical team of HostiServer for ready to go projects.
  • Easy integration: All the major CMS are already integrated with HostiServer CDN.
  • Optimization of server: HostiServer optimizes it server by redirecting its requests to the nearest CDN here and after.
  • PoPs: PoPs also known as the point of presence are hereby set up in the area of high demand.
  • Protection: HostiServer protects your content by providing a time to all your expiring links on particular posts.
  • Best path offered: Content is distributed all over the servers geographically so that it is delivered with great speed to all the users.

HostiServer hosting solutions

HostiServer has been star rated by a lot of well-known companies due to their amazing performance all over time. It not only just provides you with an excellent uptime and storage but also provides the best technical after sales services which makes it an all rounder hosting solution.

Following types of websites are best fitted for HostiServer

  • Entertainment websites.
  • High traffic websites.
  • Video streaming websites.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • Gaming websites.
  • Authority blogs.

Pros of HostiServer

  • Amazing award winning 24/7 technical support.
  • 100% network uptime provided by HostiServer.
  • Time to time cloud backups.
  • Best network security to save your website data.

Cons of HostiServer

  • For now, no offers as such are being promoted by HostiServer.

Our conclusion

With respect to all the features, pros, cons and the services provided by HostiServer, we suggest that it is the best choice without getting a hole in the pocket.

Also, the award-winning technical support takes care of all the configuring and setting part to ensure that you can an ease experience.

Considering all the performance, reliability and stability, HostiServer is indeed the best hosting service provider.

We have included all the main point about HostiServer above. In case we missed anything or you have any additional doubt, feel free to ask in the comment box below.

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