How Entertainment Industry Is Getting Advanced By the Support of Technology

Technology has spread a large impact on the entertainment industry of these days. The entertainment industry had undergone a lot of changes with the help of technology and you can notice it by having a read to some entertainment essay examples. The modern advancements in technology have impacted the entertainment industry largely. A person on an average spends around 9 hours a month just by watching videos online. Talking about the United States, 60 % of people know about Apple Music and 62 % heard of Spotify. This is how technological advancements have spread their impact on the human minds. A leader in the streaming world is Netflix. These are only a few ways about how technology has affected the entertainment world and shaped it by its way. Below we will discuss it in detail.

How Entertainment Industry Is Getting Advanced By the Support of Technology

How Entertainment Industry Is Getting Advanced By the Support of Technology


Long back, the concept of radio was different. The consumers were aware and enjoyed transistor radio only sitting beside the window. They usually used to listen to local radio stations but most of them used to turn off the radio because of the annoying ads. But today the whole radio industry has changed a lot. Most popular being-

  • Satellite radio
  • Internet radio

According to a recent study, 879 minutes of an average American is spending for listening to the online radio. 41% of the radio market is represented by iOS.

The above numbers and information suggest that the present radio industry is completely changed with the impact of technology and internet.


In previous days, CDs and cassettes were the only means for the consumer to enjoy their favourite music. But these things were very expensive and fragile. And also, there was a possibility for a CD to become damaged or scratched, as a result of which at some points it would skip. Because of these reasons, it didn’t last long. CDs and cassettes were gradually replaced by MP3 players, which were again replaced with iPod and iPhone. But nowadays it is very easily possible for a consumer to stream their favourite music without downloading and storing in the device.

The customer base of Apple Music is approximately 27 million. Companies like Pandora and Spotify also had made their name in this field. In today’s world, most of the music streaming companies generate a huge revenue around 4 billion dollars. They had beat the CDs and cassettes in that way these items are no more easily available in the market. So, we can say that the music streaming sites are a boon to the music industry nowadays.


Entry of the companies like Amazon and Netflix has left behind many cable companies. Customers are nowadays switching from the conventional cable companies to the advanced version. Online TVs and entertainment are more easy and convenient for the customers. Additionally, it is often much cheaper to use streaming services like Netflix or 123 movies. Today in the world of smart television Amazon, Hulu and Netflix had made a great impact in the television and movie industries. More than 38 million smart television is own by customers nowadays. So, we can easily say that in comparison to the satellite television and convenient cable these services are more convenient and cheaper.


Content on demand was a thing which was impossible previous days even if the consumers by any chance miss any show, there was no chance for him/ her to view it later on. Repeat telecasts were there but it was very uncertain. Nowadays even the traditional cable companies have incorporated the content on demand service so that customers can easily enjoy their favourite shows even after several weeks or months. So, in today’s world, nobody will miss anything ever again. On-demand services are also used by the consumers to watch the latest movies.


We have seen a large evolution in the field of technology from the very beginning and it will continue to evolve in the near future. Nowadays Netflix being the streaming king can even change in the blink of an eye. It can be the 3D technology or any other technology which can come over the recent technology. So, we can say that in the future, there will be a continuous change in the modern entertainment by the technology.


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