How Gtech eBikes Work: Save Money & Energy on Daily Commutes

This article is an introduction to Gtech eBike. We look at its features, cost and money-saving Gtech coupons.

How Gtech eBikes Work

Commuting to work has never been easier, or cheaper! Riding a bike through traffic is one of the most liberating experiences you could have. And the best part is that you don’t have to be Lance Armstrong to ride across the city without breaking a sweat. Contrary to race bikes, when you ride the eBike to the office in the morning you do not need to carry a change of clothes or take a shower before you start work! You can wear your office clothes, ride the bike to work, park it and go straight to your office. This is because Gtech eBikes are designed to allow casual cyclists like yourself to enjoy a relaxed ride to work, rather than racing through cars trying to beat the traffic.

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How Gtech eBikes Work & eBike Features

You can try the Gtech eBike free of charge for a period of 2 weeks. The company are so confident that you will fall in love with it that are ready to ship the bike to you for free so you can test it. However, if you want to know what the bike is good for before test one yourself here are its main features:

1. A powerful motor that gives you pedal assist

You ride the Gtech eBike like any ordinary bike. However, when you start pedalling you will feel an extra boost. It feels like somebody is pushing you forward. Thanks to its cleverly incorporated high torque motor, you don’t have to worry about how you will climb that hill on the way to work. A steep hill is the amateur cyclist worst nightmare – not with an eBike.

How Gtech eBikes Work

2. An onboard computer understands when you want to go faster

The bike itself doesn’t have gears, so you don’t depend on your leg strength to get you to the top. All you need to do is start pedalling a bit faster and that signals the computer that you need more power from the motor. This is how the bike itself carries you over without you even breaking a sweat. Whether you’re on flat ground or a slope, you can reach speeds of more than 15mph on the motor alone.

3. The eBike can turn into ordinary bike by turning a switch

eBikes are ideal for the casual cyclists who are more interested in enjoying a good riding experience than in getting a tough workout. However, if you do want a workout on the way home then you can switch off the power from the motor and ride the bike by pedalling alone. This makes Gtech eBike one of the most amazing gadgets for the new generation of urban tech geeks who wish to arrive at work intact ready for the 9 am meetings, but use the time to have a proper cycling workout on the way home.

4. Enjoy 3 hours of motor power

Thanks to its light but highly powerful batteries and engine, eBikes allow you to travel long distances and climb hills which would probably give you a hard time if you were only using your legs. The design is also very convenient and functional, with the battery lasting up to 3 hours and using LED signals to tell you in advance when you need to recharge them. However, the light design of the battery means you can carry with you an extra battery. Free extra battery Gtech coupons are available occasionally which means you can get a second battery at no extra cost.

How Gtech eBikes Work: Save Money & Energy on Daily Commutes

5. Aviation technology frames

Gtech’s eBikes are made using aviation grade aluminium which makes them extremely light and yet highly durable. Weighing only 16 kgs, these bikes are easy to carry and ride, even without the engine’s extra power boost. The bike is also built to last as its frame is well protected against the weather and rust.

How Gtech eBikes Work (Video)

Price and money off Gtech discount codes

As if the quality of their eBikes weren’t enough, Gtech also offers discount codes for their eBikes, through their newsletter and on their website. Gtech promotional codes allow you to purchase a Sports eBike and save some money in the process. A Gtech bike starts at £995. A Gtech spare battery at full price is £299. This comes to a total investment of £1,294 if you opt for the spare battery. However, there are several opportunities to avoid paying full price if you search the web for a valid Gtech promo code. For example, Gtech coupon “CLM299D” saves £50 off your order. Gtech promo code “WR10” takes 10% off your purchase which means over £100 in savings.

Disadvantages of Gtech eBike

There are a few disadvantages of the Gtech eBike that you need to be aware of so you make an informed decision. First of all, the battery power is not infinite. If you want a whole day out in the country with your bike, then the Gtech eBike may not be the right option. Secondly, the price of the bike is a turn off for many people. However, if you think that you can save at least £5 a day on your daily bus or train commute, or at least £10 a day on car fuel and parking, then you make your money back within less than a year. Finally, Gtech discount codes are rarely available, meaning that most likely you will have to pay the full price.

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