How is 3D visualization technology changing the way we shop online?

When shopping online, we all have a bad experience once, at least. This is because the expectations of customers are getting high from online stores, and the retailers aren’t able to cope with these and are left behind. When a customer has a pleasant experience with one online store, then he expects the same standards from every other online store.

It is also a fact that no online store wants to get a bad reputation for his brand. An unhappy customer can cause much trouble in this scenario because if he had a bad experience with your online shop, he would spread his opinion to his fellows, colleagues, and his other social circle. In this way, the reputation of your store will be affected adversely. So all the online shopping stores and brands should do everything to reduce the post-purchase frustration of their customers.

Let’s have a look at how 3D visualization technologies can impact online shopping experience of a customer:

3D Product Visualization

 What retailers can do is innovate themselves by having 3D visualization technologies. When a customer gets to an online shop, he can’t physically see the product that he is going to purchase, and this is a significant reason that a customer loses his trust in that store. Because, in most cases, the original product varies significantly from that product which is displayed on the pictures on the store.

3D Product Visualization techniques can be used by the retailers where a customer can see a 3D model of the original product. The customer can view the product from all angles by rotating it and can have a more in-depth look at every component by zooming in or out. Thus it reduces the ambiguity of the customer related to that product and fulfills the concerns of a customer related to the product authenticity.

Retailers can also boost the engagement of their online store by creating 3D visual representations and showing the products in action to their customers. Customers enjoy such things, and it not only increases the engagement and interactivity of your customers but can also help in boosting your sales and conversion rate by 95%. This is due to the human nature that moving objects and visuals attract them more as compared to the steady objects.

3D product imaging can also be used as a powerful marketing tool by many online merchants. Retails can run advertisements for their products on different channels, which are in the form of 3D images and videos. It can help them in gathering much attention and grab many customers.

Artificially Intelligent Analytics Tool

AI analytics tools can be a lifesaver for many online retailers. As we know that the technologies are frequently evolving, and the future of all the technologies is going to be AI. It has been beneficial for e-commerce, and it has various applications in the e-commerce market. From personalized user experience to valuable predictive suggestions, it has been a handy tool for online stores.

With emerging 3D technologies, an AI analytics tool can help in recording the activity of a customer, his behaviors, his interests, and then automatically showing him the most relevant products according to his interests. This not only provides users with an ultimate experience but also increases the value of your brand and can result in a considerable boost in sales also. 

Customers have New Reasons To Visit Your Store.

With the help of 3D technologies, customers now have many new reasons to visit your stores online. This is because many customers still prefer shopping in a physical store as compared to shopping online. They want to have a real experience of products that most of the online stores failed to deliver, but with innovative 3D technologies, the trends changed rapidly, and the sales of online stores increased rapidly. 

With the help of 3D product imaging and visualizations, online stores can provide the same experience to their customers as if they are present in the store physically. With the virtual environment created with the help of 3D technologies, the customers feel like they are physically being inside a store. So it has a positive impact on the whole E-commerce industry and taking the eCommerce industry to the new heights of success.


3D technology is captivating the online shopping industry, and it has been proved as a valuable tool for many merchants. Not only has it boosted their sales, but it also helped them in winning the trust of the consumers. The customers can not only visualize the products as a 3D model but can interact with it also in a virtual environment, which makes them more confident when buying a product. Overall the 3D Visualization technologies have dramatically changed the online shopping experience, and both customers and retailers are benefiting from it. 


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