8 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help You Market Your Brand

Companies are using mobile apps to improve their marketing campaigns and reach a wider audience of customers and clients. They are especially useful for younger customers who are increasingly using mobile devices to shop and browse the internet.

For more established companies, apps help expand and promote the brand, while SMEs could use apps to penetrate the market and compete with bigger brands.

8 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help You Market Your Brand

1. Dedicate resources to the app

An app is relatively easy to design, but the real work on it begins after it has been made and downloaded. It should always be active and offer new and interesting content to users. This means that you’ll need to make it a part of your marketing campaign and dedicate additional resources to this goal.

Before you start working on it, make sure you have a budget for at least a year of campaigning. This includes regular updates, new content, and at least one design change during this period.

2. Key performance indicators

Like with any other marketing channel, the app should produce measurable results that allow the company to continue to upgrade it. It isn’t always easy to determine what these results should be because a campaign could focus on a variety of issues.

One of the things you should keep an eye on is how much organic growth does it get. This refers to the number of users who didn’t hear about the app from the company making it but came to it on their own. If this number is high, it’s a proof that the app has a life of its own.

3. Foster interactions

It often happens that an app gets downloaded a lot and some might mistake that for success. However, just downloading an app doesn’t mean that it’s being used or that it’s helping your business in any way. In fact, most users have dozens of them on their phones that they never use or interact with.

The app should be created in a way that encourages users to interact with it on a regular basis. This can be done with engaging content and a constant stream of new and useful options, sales and promotions.

Mobile Apps Can Help You Market

4. User-centric

It’s sometimes difficult to see an app the way your users see it. Developers have an idea of an app and are familiar with the way it works before it’s made, but the users don’t have this luxury. They only get what you give them.

In order to bridge this divide, you need to focus on the user and the way they interact with the device. Test the app and the changes you made on it with a focus group of users. It isn’t enough to ask about the features, it’s the experience of using the app that really matters.

5. Market the app itself

An app is a promotional tool, but it too needs to be promoted if you want to actually use all of its benefits. This could be done through traditional market channels, like organizing an event that will launch your app, but it also needs to be done with SEO friendly content within it that will bring it to the top of the charts.

It’s important for the app to be a part of your overall marketing efforts. It should represent your brand both visually and in terms of products and services.

6. Find your focus

Larger companies usually have more than one product and more than one type of product. Different departments will always find their parts of the job to be the most important. This rift is usually the most prominent between sales and marketing departments. These departments usually perceive the role of the app differently.

In order to use it most efficiently, you need to decide on what your app should focus. This doesn’t mean that the app can’t provide more than one service, but you need to design it around a particular goal.

7. Collect useful information

The app records the way it’s being used. By having this information, you get a better picture of what’s good and useful about your campaign and what doesn’t work well with the average user. Also, it will allow you to upgrade and change the app according to your users’ needs.

8. Leave the door open for revisions

Trends move pretty fast in the advertising business, especially in those fields that are tech-related. What was considered to be a good, useful app just a year ago can now seem completely outdated and useless? Leave enough room for your app and the marketing behind it to grow and to change.

It will help you expand your brand only if it’s able to reach the audience and present your business as being on top of trends and novelties.

Case study

Apps could come in a variety of shapes and sizes and be used in innovative ways. They could be an interactive and engaging way to promote your company and the story behind it. This makes them much more effective than an ordinary advertisement.

Bravecto launched an indie arcade game as a part of its branding strategy. The game called Bravo Dog was created by Australian digital creative agency Leafcutter and it has helped raise engagement levels greatly. The game is similar to Pacman and it’s used to promote corporate events of the company as well as attract new users.

8 Ways Mobile Apps Can Help You Market Your Brand

This is a fine example of brand promotion – the brand’s vision and goal of the app was to connect dog owners with their pets and understand how it is for them to have ticks and lice. It was small in file size, easy to play and “old school” in design. The company came to an idea to wrap the game in an 80’s style arcade machine and successfully used it in their promotional events.


Mobile apps are a great way to promote your brand. They drive up engagement and provide a direct channel to end users. A well-designed app will help you make your marketing strategy more personalized and user-oriented.

It also allows you to gamify your marketing campaign and approach the users in a more natural and fun way. The best advertisement is the one when the customers don’t realize they are being advertised to.


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