How Much Data Does Spotify Use?

Music lovers living in India, at this moment might be jumping because now one of their favorite software or say application “Spotify” has now launched in India and people cannot refrain themselves from using it. But the interrogation that can be done here is entirely based on “how much data does Spotify use”.

Did curiosity sparkle? Want to read the answer to this mysterious question? You will find it here! The very first thing that one should be clear with is, how much of your data is being used by Spotify totally depend in what manners you are keeping a record of it and what settings you have packed.

Before we proceed, let us go through a mini-summary of what Spotify is for those readers who are not aware of this amazing term.

Defining Spotify:

Undoubtedly, Spotify has changed the methodology of listening to music and rhythms as it is an application that has some amazing features that are beyond our imagination. Kept the first step in the market on 7th October 2008, Spotify became one of the most popular podcast and music streaming software, you can listen to 40 million songs on it present in different languages. A huge number, Right?

Used in 79 different countries, which has now turned to 80 Spotify can be easily downloaded on iOS as well as Android smartphones. At present, the number count of registrars is 207 million and still as the number is increasing at an unstoppable speed.

Coming to the main point, let’s see how much data is being used by Spotify:

How Much Data Does Spotify Use?

When you are using Spotify Premium Apk to listen to music or watch videos, how much data the software is going to use depends upon the quality that you have chosen as mentioned above.

Basically, there are three major settings:

  1. Extreme.
  2. High.
  3. Normal.

If you are looking for modes to change these pre-defined settings you can do it by following these steps:

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on Music Quality.
  • Under music, quality click on streaming.

From here, you will be able to change the settings as per your requirement. Now considering the data usage, find the details below:

  • If you are streaming Spotify on normal setting and listening to a song that is approximate of 3-4 minutes then around 2 MB of your data will be used.
  • The usage of data jumps to 3.5 MB if you are listening to the same song at high setting and when the settings are set to extreme, you can lose up to 7.5MB of data.

Now, apart from this if you are using Spotify on the basis of hours then the data used is around 40 MB, 70 MB or 150 MB depending upon the settings.

Hope you are now clear with how much data does Spotify use but don’t you want to go through its features? If you are reading this guide, it is highly recommended that do read its features section too especially if you are a music lover and want to know more about Spotify.

Few Features of Spotify:

  1. While using Spotify, you can use the voice typing feature in Spotify. If you are feeling lazy about typing the song name, just use your mouth and tell Spotify which song you want to listen and the next moment, that particular song will be in the playing mode.
  2. Don’t want to listen to the same repetitive songs? Then, the time has come to switch to the radio functionality. In order to use the radio, just tap the 3 dots that are located at the top right corner and from there you will be able to listen to the radio.
  3. Deleted your favorite playlist by mistake? Don’t worry you can easily recover it too. Login into your Spotify account > click on the left panel > click on recover playlist.
  4. You can save your Shazam. All you need to do is just synchronize Shazam with it and it will be done.

Wrapping Up!

So, what are you waiting for? Download Spotify now and start listening to your favorite music without any disturbance! Cheers, and stay tuned with us!

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