How To Add Countdown Timer On Instagram Stories

The Facebook-owned company Instagram is surely leaving no stones unturned with their overwhelming lot of new and great features! As earlier there were speculations that Instagram users will soon have a Countdown Sticker in the app. And today on December 12th this wish has been granted! As the new feature of ‘Countdown sticker’ has rolled out to both Android as well as iOS devices. Now the question here arises is, what is the new Countdown feature? Well, the countdown sticker functions exactly like how the one on your alarm app functions in your devices.

Which means that on the sticker feature you will be able to set the end date and time for an event or can even make it “all day”. So, in short, this feature will be really helpful to celebrities or for business profiles if they have a new product launch. Now, apart from them, for the general users, it depends on who you are and what you do. So, if you are feeling excited about this new feature but are baffled at the same time on how to use it. Then don’t worry we have got you covered as here is a complete guide on how to add countdown timer on Instagram stories.

How To Add Countdown Timer On Instagram Stories

How To Add Countdown Timer On Instagram Stories
  1. Install and open the Instagram application.
  2. Now, go to your story option from the home page or by tapping your profile picture.
  3. Once your story option is opened, either click a photo or choose something from the gallery (this will be the background of your countdown so choose something related to that for creating more buzz).
  4. Now, once you are content with your image, tap on the sticker emoji from the upper side of your screen and then you will see a new update on it which says “Countdown”. So, for making a countdown on Instagram simply tap on that sticker. (If you can’t find this feature try updating your application first).
  5. Now, once you tapped on the Countdown sticker you will get an option saying “Create Countdown” so tap on it. Next, the countdown clock will appear on your screen. Here you can set the end date and time, but before that tap on the “Countdown Name” and write the name for your event or the reason for making the countdown.
  6. Once the name is set, here comes a little tricky part but I am sure you will manage. Tap on “Set end date and time” and you will get a small calendar at the bottom of your screen. Now you can select the month and day for which you want your countdown to get set. For instance if you scroll to November your countdown will get set for 11 months (next year of November) with the fixuated time of 12 hours. But if you stay in December (which is the current month) the time won’t be fixed for 12 hours, it will change as per you set the date.
  7. Now, if you want to set a more precise time, at the bottom you will find an option which reads “All Day” and besides that will be a toggle, so tap on that. Next, you will find a calendar that shows the month as well as the date with the timing option too. So, set a month, date and time with the accurate precision of “am” and ‘pm” (as you don’t want to get mix up with those).
  8. Now, when everything is set that’s it you will be done! Also important, if you don’t like the color of your countdown sticker then tap on the color wheel which will be above your sticker and choose from various gradient color options.

So, here are the steps through which one can use the countdown feature on Instagram without any hassle. Now, as we all know, stories on Instagram disappears after 24 hours but this sticker will stay until and unless your countdown ends. And in addition, even your friends and followers will be able to turn on their reminders and can share your countdown timer on their stories as well.

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