How To Add Story Highlights On Instagram

Instagram, a giant social networking site which I am sure almost everyone would be using by now! And if you’re an Instagram lover or even just a casual user, still there are chances that you might have used the Instagram story feature. And honestly how amazing is that! As this feature not just lets you share your day-to-day experiences with your followers. But it lets you share it in the most pleasing way! You can add fun stickers, cute GIF’s. And if you are going someplace great, you can even add the location too! And wait if you thought that’s it, then there is so much more. As Instagram has been focusing much on their story feature lately because it is a teen-favorite for sure! So, there are many updates that have been added to this ever popular feature. Be it the question tag, face filters, Instagram poll, and significant others!

Now, everyone knows the fact, that Instagram story disappears after 24 hours. But what if you uploaded something really nice? Or you have gone on an amazing trip and you want those memories to stay on your profile forever?Well, don’t worry you can relive those great stories that you have created with the Instagram’s story highlight feature! As through this feature, one can easily add their story to highlights which will be seen on your profile until and unless you choose to delete it. So, if you are someone who doesn’t want your stories to get vanish within 24 hours. And instead you want them on your profile without uploading it as your posts, then simply follow the steps that are mentioned below.

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How To Add Story Highlights On Instagram:

Method 1: Adding Your Current Story to a Highlight

How To Add Story Highlights On Instagram
  1. Open your Instagram (If you don’t have one, you can download it from here).
  2. Then go to “Your Story” by tapping on your profile picture, either in the story row, on the feed tab or on your profile picture itself.
  3. Now, select the image or video you want to upload and send it to your story by tapping on the blue button from the bottom right corner.
  4. Once your story is uploaded, go back to it and you will find a “Highlight” option on the bottom of your screen. Tap on it, and you will get two other options, first is “New”. And in the second option, you will see other story highlights created by you. So, tap on them and add your new story to it. Or if you haven’t made any story highlight(which is why you are reading this article), then tap on “New”, add a name to your highlight and then confirm your process by tapping on the blue “Add” button. That’s it your new story light will be added to your profile now.

Method 2: Creating a Highlight from the Stories Archive

How To Add Story Highlights On Instagram
  1. Open your Instagram (If you don’t have one, you can download it from here).
  2. Now, go to your profile and tap on the clock like icon from the top right corner. (This is your archive section).
  3. Once opened, you will see the stories that you would have uploaded in the past.
  4. Now tap on the story that you want to add as a highlight, and then you will find the “Highlight” option from the bottom of your screen. (You can select as many images or videos as you want).
  5. Now again, tap on “New” if you want to make a new highlight or tap on your existing ones and then simply add your archive story to your highlight. And that’s it your past story now, will get added to the story highlights.

So, here are the two methods through which one can easily add story highlights on Instagram without any hassle. Now, according to your preference, you can either add a story to highlight within 24 hours (until your story disappears). Or if it disappears, then also you can add it to highlights by going to your archive section. But if you want to delete your story highlight for any reason, then go to your profile, do a long press on the highlight that you want to delete and you will find the “Delete” option. Tap on it, and that’s it your story highlight will get deleted.

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