How To Book Mumbai Local Train Ticket Online

If you are a Mumbaikar, then you very well know the hassle of traveling in a Mumbai local train especially at the peak hours. But your fight of traveling in a local train starts even before you have stepped your foot in the train. As your first mission begins right when you enter the station and that is to buy a ticket! Because standing in queues during the rush hour to buy a train ticket at any Mumbai suburban railway station is sure annoying for the travelers. The first and the foremost reason being, everyone is in a rush. And what if because of standing in a queue you miss an important train? That sure is frustrating! And because of which there are some people who travel in trains without even purchasing a ticket. But do you think your luck will always save you from the TTE or TC? Because spending a fair amount of money on your rail tickets is much better than paying a fine.

So, to solve all this frustrating issue and to give a sign of relief to the commuters, the Centre for Railway Information Systems (CRIS) has developed an amazing app called as UTS. It is a free mobile app that allows users to book train tickets online without any hassle. Which means at your comfort you can book a train ticket anywhere in Mumbai without having to stand in the long and never-ending queues. Also with the UTS app, you can also book a one-month or quarterly pass with more amazing and convenient features. So, no queue from now! Just follow the steps mentioned below to know how to make an ID on UTS mobile app and how to book a local train ticket online.

How to make an ID on the UTS application:

  1. Install and open the UTS app.
  2. Once opened the app, click on “Register” (for first-time users).
  3. Now enter your basic details such as mobile number, name, password (for the app), gender, and your date of birth.
  4. After filling your information, accept “utsonmobile” terms and conditions and click on “Generate OTP”.
  5. The application will now automatically fill the OTP, if not you can manually fill it too.
  6. Now your ID on UTS will get registered.

How To Book Mumbai Local Train Ticket Online

How to book Mumbai local train ticket online:

  1. Now once the ID is registered, you will be redirected to the first log-in screen. Here, type your Mobile number and password. (The one you used for making your ID).
  2. Click on “Log in”. ( the app will fetch your location through GPS).
  3. Now your main screen will show up. Click on the first “Book Ticket” option.
  4. Then you will get five options, Normal booking, Quick Booking, Platform Ticket, Season Ticket, and QR Booking.
  5. For booking a ticket for the local train, click on “Normal Booking” and you will get two options. Either you can choose “Book and travel (paperless)” or “Book and print (paper). You can select the first option only if you’re booking a ticket away from Station premises/Railway track. And in the second option, you compulsorily need to print your ticket from ATVM/CoTVM kiosks or General booking counters from your selected station. (not printing the tickets is a punishable act).
  6. Now in the next screen, you have to select your source and destination station.  After that click on “Done”.
  7. Now, you will be asked to fill your general ticket booking details, such as the number of tickets, ticket type, train type, class, and at the end payment type.
  8. The payment option consists of, Rwallet, debit card, credit card, net banking or UPI.
  9. After selecting your preferred option, you can pay the fare, and can simply go to your station to print the ticket and can start your journey.

Note: You can make your payment through Paytm, Mobikwik, and Freecharge wallets too.

Note: For quick payment facility you can add money to your R-wallet and the minimum amount that can be added is Rs. 100. For doing so, tap on “R-wallet” and then click on “Recharge”.

So with the above-mentioned steps, you can easily book local train tickets online using the UTS app. But keep certain things in mind such as the season tickets are applicable one day after you book tickets. Which means if you book a 1-month pass today, it will be available from tomorrow. Also, the app works even without internet, so if you have booked a paperless ticket, you can simply go to “Show Ticket” and can show it to the TC. But make sure your mobile is switched on.

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So, book online a paperless ticket or travel with a printed ticket but don’t stand in the queues anymore. And make your journey more relaxed by using the UTS mobile app for booking local train tickets online. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family so that they also know how easy it is to book train tickets now. But if you still have any query do post it on the comment section below and subscribe for more such updates.

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