How To Book Tatkal Ticket On IRCTC App

Traveling in trains are never easy. And the hassles of traveling in train begins even before you actually enter a train. And that is at the time of ticket booking! It is one of the biggest problems that one faces while booking a train ticket. And your problems get more add up when the tickets you want are not available! Imagine going somewhere urgent and even after standing in the long queues there is no certainty that you will get a ticket for sure. And at such times, tatkal tickets are your only savior. But they are severely not easy to get! So, to put a full stop to this and many other ticketing problems, IRCTC (Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation) offers an online facility or booking tatkal tickets. But if you are wondering what is a Tatkal ticket in the first place then it is a ticket meant for passengers who don’t have reserved accommodation. And are looking to travel at a short notice. So, even though tatkal booking has some extra charges then the general quota ones. But it is convenient for immediate travelers.

So, if you want to know how to book a tatkal ticket on IRCTC and make your train journeys more simplified then just follow the steps that are mentioned below.

How to book Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC

How to book Tatkal Ticket on IRCTC:

  1. Install and open the IRCTC Rail Connect application from the Google Play Store.
  2. Next, allow all the permissions, and do registration if you are using the app for the first time, or simply log in if you’re already a user. (For the process of registration you will be guided with detailed steps on the screen, so just follow them).
  3. Once your id is made, tap on “Plan My Journey” and select the destinations as well as the date.
  4. Now on the screen, you will see all the train timings and the dates on which they are available (according to your source destination). Also, you will find the options of Departure, Arrival, and Travel time, as it will make the timings and dates more clear for you. So, for booking a tatkal ticket, tap on “Tatkal” from the upper part of your screen. And then tap on the option which is most suitable for you. If the ticket for that train is available then you will find the “Book Now” button or if not then there will be “Not Available” written.
  5. So, once you tap on the “Book Now” option, you will be redirected to the next screen that has all the information about the train along with the price. Now, you can add the number of passengers with their name, age, gender and also berth preference. But make sure you can book only 4 Passengers per PNR for Tatkal tickets. Now, you can also tap on “Add child” to add any kids who are traveling with you but they should be below 5 years and the maximum number of adding is 2.
  6. Once done, tap on “Preferences” and check “Book only if confirm berths are allotted”(optional) so that you get confirmed berths.
  7. Read everything carefully and check the price in total (some of the tickets don’t give concession if they are canceled), once everything is fine, tap on “Book Ticket” from the bottom of your screen.
  8. Now, enter the text which will be shown in the captcha image and once done tap on “Proceed to Payment”. Next, select your bank for payment and that’s it your tatkal ticket will get booked successfully.

Note: Tatkal bookings are allowed in all classes except First AC.

How many days in the advance tatkal ticket can be booked?

Now, as tatkal means immediately, Tatkal booking starts one day in advance (reduced from 2 days) excluding the day of journey e.g. for a journey on 3rd, bookings would open at 10 am on 2nd. However, the day of the journey is defined as the day of chart preparation.

What is tatkal ticket booking timing?

It can be booked on an opening day from 10:00 hrs for AC class (2A/3A/CC/EC/3E) and at 11:00 hrs for Non- AC class(SL/FC/2S). For instance, if a train is to depart from originating station on 2nd August, Tatkal Booking for AC class will Commence at 10:00 AM and for Non AC class will Commence at 11:00 AM on 1st August.

So, following are the steps through which one can easily book a tatkal ticket on IRCTC without any hassle. Now, even though the steps would look much, but they are not difficult to follow. Also, there be a number of on-screen guidance to help you out. Just make sure, you read each and every information carefully before booking the ticket so that your journey goes smoothly and without any stress.

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