How To Capture Portrait Mode Photos On Any Android device

Portrait mode photos are all in the rage right now. As they have some unique appeal within them that sets them apart from other effects. And you might have seen portrait mode photos almost everywhere now! Be it on any social networking sites, portrait mode photos are surely grabbing more and more likes. But if you’re still wondering what is a portrait mode? Then it is an effect which makes your main subject in focus and the background out-of-focus or blurred. Which automatically gives all the importance to the center person and because of which your shot looks just perfect! And that is the reason why there are more and more smartphone companies that comes with a dual-lens camera set up or an inbuild portrait mode. But what if you don’t have an Android smartphone that has any of those options? Does it mean you have to upgrade? Well, of course not! You can easily download a third-party app that will give you the same portrait mode effect without any hassle. But which app to use and how to use it? Don’t worry below are the steps through which you can achieve a beautiful portrait mode photo with the AirBrush application.

How To Capture Portrait Mode Photos On Any Android device

How to capture portrait mode photos on any Android device:

  1. Install and open the AirBrush app from Google Play Store.
  2. Now you can either select a picture from your “Library”. Or can directly click a photo from the app by selecting the “Camera” option.
  3. If you are clicking a photo directly from the app, then once the camera screen is open click on the three dots from the right side corner. And then tap on the “Camera lens” (the first option) which will turn on the blur effect.
  4. Now you can click your portrait mode photo by tapping on the “Orange button” from the bottom of the screen.
  5. But if you are selecting a photo from the album, you can go to the “Tools” option from the bottom of the screen. Then scroll towards the right side corner and you will find the “Blur” option.
  6. Once done, now you can manually blur your photo background as per your preference (don’t worry if you do any mistake there is an eraser option too). Then click on the save option from the upper right corner and just like that your portrait mode shot will be ready to get saved in your gallery or to get shared on your social media accounts.

Other features in the AirBrush app:

  1. Artistic Retouching.
  2. Real-Time Editing Technology.
  3. Natural, Radiant Filters.
  4. Perfect Skin in Every Photo.

So, by following the steps mentioned above anyone can take a stunning portrait mode photo without actually owning a DSLR camera. As your smartphone has all the tools to assist you. And although the steps mentioned are from one third-party application, there are still a number of portrait mode apps that serve the same very purpose.

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