How to Change Facebook Status Background

Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service company. The website was launched by Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook can be accessed from a large range of devices with an internet connection. After registering on the site the users can create a customized profile indicating thier name, occupation and so on. Users can add other users as friends and exchange messages, put statuses, share photos and videos and so much more with this app. facebook slowly and steadily saw immense popularity. There was no one in the world left without a Facebook account. Being on Facebook became the norm. With the rise in popularity, there was a rise in its features too. Recently Facebook was revamped and was hotter than ever. With features like stories, react emojis etc there is nothing left that this social media site cant do.

Recently you must have seen your friends putting up stories with colorful backgrounds. Not only does it stand out but adds that extra oomph to your timeline too. So in this post, we are going to show you how you can achieve the same too. We are listing below the steps to change facebook Status Background. I hope this article helps you out and you can unleash your creative side too. 

How to Change Facebook Status Background

Changing your facebook status background is very simple. You can change it in a few steps. We have mentioned the steps below. 

  • Log into your Facebook Account through a browser or using the Facebook app.
  • Now go to your profile.
  • And click on create a post.
How to Change Facebook Status Background
  • Now type out the status that you want to put up.
How to Change Facebook Status Background
  • Before you put up the status click on the color palette icon on the left side of the screen.
  • At the bottom, you’ll see different colored circles.
How to Change Facebook Status Background
  • Tap on each one to see what it will look like.
  • Now choose whichever color you want to set as the background of your status.
  • After you have chosen the color post the Facebook status. 

This is how you can easily change the background status color of your post. It is a fun way to add a little funk to your posts. You can change the color to your liking and make your timeline a little more colorful than usual. if you liked this post or have any questions regarding it then you can comment it down below.

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