How To Change Google Assistant’s Language On Android

You might have heard this phrase before “Technology is taking over the world”. But how true is that? Well, a virtual assistant who has a voice and can talk with you anytime anywhere is how far the technology has reached! Honestly just awaken your assistant and talk with them and they will listen to your command. Be it to call someone, to get you a pizza, to message anyone or even to tell you a joke! What is that they can’t do! Now talking about voice assistants, how can anyone forget about one of the most popular Google Assistant. It is incredible and honestly is highly used by all Android smartphone users. Just say “OK Google” in your microphone and let the magic began! But, even though Google assistant is an artificial intelligence, is it that intelligent that it can understand your language? Well, it sure is if you know the right method. As many a time, users get difficulty in asking certain questions to Google in their own language. So, if that is your concern then don’t worry we have got you covered. As in this article, we will teach you how you can change Google Assistant’s language on Android.

Note: As of now, there are a number of languages that Google Assitant support and more are added rapidly.

How To Change Google Assistant’s Language On Android:

  1. In your Android smartphone or tablet long press on the home button to activate Google Assistant. (Or whichever way your Google Assistant opens, do that).
  2. Now, once your Google Assistant appears on the screen, tap on the three vertical dots from the bottom right corner. But in some devices, there will be a blue icon instead of the three dots. So, once you tap on the blue icon the three dots will then appear.
  3. After that, a small menu will open, in that menu go to the “Settings” option.
  4. Now, in Settings, there will be a sub-heading of “Devices” and under that, there will be an option of “Phone” so tap on that.
  5. Once done, you will find an option of “Voice and Speech”, under that tap on the “Assistant language” option and “Go to language preferences” link.
  6. Now, on the screen, you will see various languages displayed. Select your preferred language from the list and then complete your command by tapping on OK. And that’s it your Google Assistant’s language will now get changed.

Note: When you change the language you use to talk with your Google Assistant, you change the language across your device.

So, above were the steps through which one can easily change Google Assistant’s language on their Android device without any hassle. Now, if you want to change the language from English to Hindi or Hindi to Deutsch, you can easily do that. So, just select your preferred language and you will be good to go.

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