How To Change Hair Color In Tik Tok – Including

Tik Tok -Including is a global video community powered by music. It is a social networking site which has given a platform for young content creators to let their imagination run wild and free. Earlier the app was popular just for lip-syncing videos but now with the time change, it has been popular for a whole lot of reasons. Whether it be dance, freestyle, or any performance everything now is welcomed on this global video-making platform. Because of which more and more creators are joining this app and are showcasing their talent all around the world.

Which means that Tik Tok – Including has surely set a benchmark for creators and is encouraging them to make more and greater videos. And to help them with this, the app includes a number of features and tools that make a video more hilarious and worth watching. Such as the face filters which automatically sharpens the quality of a video, funny stickers, beauty effects and so on.

But along with all these amazing features do you know that Tik Tok -Including also has a hair change effect? Yes, you read it right a hair change effect which automatically detects your face and change your original hair color. The transition videos with these effects can indeed look super cool and amazing. Just change your hair color with every beat of the music and instantly get amazing content without much of a hassle. So, if you want to change your hair color in Tik Tok – Including then just follow these simple steps.

Note: The steps mentioned below are of the latest Tik Tok update.

How To Change Hair Color In Tik Tok

How to change hair color in Tik Tok – including

  1. Install and open Tik Tok -including
  2. Tap on the “add” button from the bottom of your screen.
  3. Once your recording screen is opened then tap on “Effects” from the left side corner.
  4. You will now get a whole bunch of stickers and effects. Tap on the face with colorful hair and select from the hair color you want.
  5. Once your hair color is selected the app will automatically detect your face and change your original hair color.

Note: You can also do this effect by going on any audio too.

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So, with this simple steps, you can easily change your real life hair color into something totally cool and amazing. Be it a multi color unicorn, a normal brown, dark green or so much more. So, try this amazing effect and make your Tik Tok videos more lively and fun.

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