How to change IP address on Android

How to change IP address on Android

Clueless on how to change IP address on Android? This article will guide you.

You might want to use your phone as a Wi-Fi camera, run a mobile web server, or share mobile files with FTP server software. Whatever be the reason, you can change your IP address.


What is an IP address? What is its importance?

In order to know how to change IP address on Android, you must first comprehend the concept of the IP address. Short for Internet Protocol, IP address is a unique identifier proffered on each and every machine in a network. A motor has a chassis number and a phone has an IMEI number, similarly, IP address is unique to a machine that can identify its location. Most of the cyber-related crimes are solved with the help of an IP address.

The IP address has two chief functions. As I have mentioned, it provides a location of the machine but is also used as an interface identification for a network of machines. As the IP address us a unique identifier, computers can send and receive data to and from other computers in a network.

In terms of a website, people either choose a shared web hosting or a dedicated server. Choosing the latter requires a lot of hassle and expense. When it comes to shared web hosting, there may be hundreds of websites on the same server. Such websites often share a similar IP address. So if you share an IP address with a blacklisted or a malicious website, your site might suffer.

I think that without an IP address, the internet that we know would disappear! It’s the core of the internet and understanding it could be a bit complex but over time, you won’t be so confused. Now, scroll below to find out how to change IP address on Android.

How to change IP address on Android

DISCLAIMER: These settings apply to all Android devices with Pie and above.

Step 1: Find your phone’s IP address before you commence. You can use a personal computer to go through this step.

Step 2: Open the Start Menu on your PC. Type cmd and press enter.

Step 3: Open the Command Prompt desktop app.

Step 4: Type the following command in the command prompt window:


Step 5: Now press Enter.

Step 6: You’ll see some inexplicable information. Your IP address is Default Gateway.

Step 7: On your Android phone, open Settings.

Step 8: Look for Network & internet. Click on Wi-Fi.

Step 9: Click on its Settings and tap Advanced Settings. 

Step 10: You’ll see IP settings. It is set to DHCP by default. Tap on it.


Step 11: Now select Static.

How to change IP address on Android

Step 12: Once you choose this option, a form will pop-up. You will have to manually configure all the necessary settings.

Step 13: Follow these settings:

IP Address: The available IP address you discovered using the Ping command.
Gateway: Enter the Default Gateway IP address you recorded above.
DNS 1 and DNS 2: Type the IP addresses of the DNS servers you recorded above.

Temporarily change your IP address

With the help of a reliable VPN, you can temporarily change your phone’s IP address. Download a VPN app and select a server. Now tap on Connect. Keep in mind that VPN comes in handy when browsing for content that is unavailable in your country or you when using a public network.


How do I find the IP address on Android?

Launch Settings on your phone and search for About device. Now tap on Status. The IP address will be displayed somewhere in this section.

Can I change the IP address of my phone?

You can change the IP address from IP to static. Go to Settings and select Wi-Fi. Long press on your current Wi-Fi connection and select the Modify network. Click on Advanced Options and change DHCP to Static.


This is how to change IP address on Android. Try it out for yourself

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