How to Change the Keyboard Language on Windows 10

Typing has become quite an easy task – that being said, it’s still a task if you type in more than one languages. If your personal computer runs on Windows 10 operating system, then you can add one or more multi-lingual keyboards (known as Out-of-box experience or OOBE). Also, if it happens to be a regional language, there needs to be a certain layout for the keyboard to work appropriately. You can easily switch between two languages or add a specific variant of a keyboard – his tutorial will help you achieve all of it effortlessly.

How to Change the Keyboard Language on Windows 10


The following methods are easy and they depend on whether or not you have added more languages.

Method 1: Keyboard Shortcuts/Taskbar

Assuming you have already installed layouts for the other languages, you can switch between them easily with a keyboard shortcut. Press Windows Logo + Spacebar.

A small pop-up box will appear containing a list of keyboard languages you have installed. Hold the Windows Logo and keep on pressing the spacebar until the option arrives at the language you want to select. Ensure that you press the key combo or else the box will disappear.

You can also see the language you have currently selected on your PC on the taskbar. Direct the cursor to the right-hand side of your taskbar and click on ENG (or whichever language initial it’s displaying).

If you’d like to tweak a few settings, select Language preferences. Here, you can add or delete the languages.

Method 2: Settings

Settings are the core concept of all the options or shortcuts you see floating on the Internet. If you want elaborate settings options, go to the Start menu and click on the gear icon.

Select Time & Language.

Under the list of options on the left-hand pane, select Language.

Click on Add a language if you’d like to type in your mother tongue. Select your desired language or type it in the search and then click Next for further configurations.


Select the Choose an input method to always use a default option which will override the default keyboard. Check the Let me use a different input method for each app window to use a different language layout in every other app.


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