How to Check PNR Status and Live Train Status on Whatsapp For Free

Whatsapp is now not only the most popular messaging app but also the preferred application for contacting people. Its free and works amazingly well. It has many uses and features that make it the perfect app. But do you know you can even check your PNR status on Whatsapp? YES! IRTC has partnered with MakeMyTrip in order to offer its users with the PNR status as well as live status on your smartphone. And of course, there are other ways to check your PNR status online. One of them is NTES app by IRCTC and there is always the option to call 139 to check these details. But since texting is the new hassle-free way to do anything now you can get your information on your fingertips just by a few clicks. It becomes much easier and convenient for you to check your status using Whatsapp. all you need is an updated version of Whatsapp and an internet connection. If you are still unaware of how this works then you are at the right place. In this post, we are going to show you how you can Check PNR Status and Live Train Status on Whatsapp For Free.


How to check PNR Status on Whatsapp?

Here’s, how you can check your PNR status on Whatsapp:

  • First, you have to make sure that you have saved “MakeMyTrip” number[7349389104] in your contacts.
  • To check your PNR status search for the MakeMyTrip contact and start a new chat.
  • Simple type PNR followed by your PNR number in the message box. For example- If the PNR number is 1234567890, make sure you send the message PNR 1234567890.

When you send this message, the company will access the PNR details from the IRCTC servers and will be able to tell you the status of your reservation and tell you if the seat has been reserved and share the coach details or the current waitlist status.

How to check live train status on Whatsapp?

Here’s how you can check Indian Railways live train status via Whatsapp:

  • First, make sure you have saved the MakeMyTrip number [7349389104] in your contacts.
  • Open the MakeMyTrip chat and enter the train number in the message box. For example- To check the status of train Rajdhani {12309} simple type 12309 without any suffix or prefix.

After you have sent the message you will be provided with all the details of the train status, about its departure station and time, expected arrival time etc.

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Both of the services need MakeMyTrip to fetch data from IRCTC servers so you might face a slight delay in getting the results. Also, make sure your Whatsapp notifications are on so you get notified when you get a reply. Also, make sure you have a working internet or wifi connection. All these services are for all Indian Railways travelers, and you need not have booked train tickets from MakeMyTrip to use this service. And checking your PNR status and live status on Whatsapp is free. Follow these simple steps and you will get your results too. If you have any confusion, or not sure about any step comment it down below. Also if you want us to cover any topic then mention it below. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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