How to Check RAM on Windows 10

Our personal computers have come a long way since its genesis. Manufacturers are providing optional combinations so that the buyer gets most out of their computers. Every component of a PC is essential for it to run smoothly but keeping a track of what lies where can be tiresome. And we totally understand your enthusiasm when you purchase a new PC but we all sheepishly search to know the hardware and this tutorial aims at doing just that! If you don’t know how to check RAM on your Windows 10 PC, read on.

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How to Check RAM on Windows 10

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which is a type of computer memory which is accessed randomly. RAM has a hefty responsibility for storing information about the running software. The more RAM your computer has, the most faster it will run applications. See the below-mentioned methods to check the RAM on your PC.

Method 1: Check RAM via Task Manager

This is the simplest way to check how much RAM is equipped in your PC. To open the task manager, there are two options – Press Control + Shift + Escape key or right-click on the taskbar > Task Manager > Performance. For a detailed report of the RAM usage, click on Open Resource Monitor.

How to Check RAM on Windows 10

Method 2: Check RAM via msinfo32.exe

Microsoft has this in-built tool called Microsoft System Information, known as msinfo32.exe in technical terms. This lets you gather information about your PC. Press Windows Logo + R to activate the Run command. Type msinfo32.exe on the search box and hit OK.

A new window will open. Under the System Summary, find Installed Physical Memory (RAM). You can also see other specifications of your PC.

How to Check RAM on Windows 10

Method 3: Check RAM in Control Panel

Another option, albeit a long one, to check the amount of RAM in your PC is Control Panel. Search for the Control Panel in the search bar.

Once it’s launched, click on System and Security. A new menu will open.

How to Check RAM on Windows 10

Click on System and under it View amount of RAM and processor speed.

This window will give the information you need. There’s the amount of RAM and the processor as well as the OS information.

How to Check RAM on Windows 10

Method 4: Driver Easy

Driver Easy is another answer to your main question. You can easily check your PC’s specifications and even update through this amazing application.

Launch Driver Easy application and select the third option Hardware Info.

You’ll get all the information about your PC, including RAM.

How to Check RAM on Windows 10

To know more about the RAM, click on Memory. It will give you more details.

Also, Driver Easy is known to update your PC drivers. So head to the main menu and click on Update. You’ll see a list of drivers to be updated. There’s also a PRO Version available.

We hope you know by now how to check the RAM on your personal computer. These options will also tell you briefly about your PC specifications so make sure you check each of the aforementioned methods. We’ll be giving you more such tutorial to make you a master of your PC and Windows 10.


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