How to Choose a Document Scanner for Your Business

As more and more businesses are pressured to develop sustainable and environmentally-friendly business practices, it means that they are looking at how to best go digital. Going digital means looking at business practices that have utilized paper in the past, and seeking ways to revise those strategies to become paper free. But how you can transform your once paper-laden business to one that is paperless?

Quick Tips to Help Your Business Go Paperless

You can’t simply decide to go paperless overnight. You will need to take time to develop a strategy to ensure that you and your employees are ready to make the change and that your business will not experience any slow-downs or gaps in customer service while you make the change. Here are some quick strategies to help you make the jump from a paper office, to a paperless office.

  1. Implement a paperless document storage system, often known as a document management system (DMS). These systems allow you to store and share files with employees and customers, without taking on the expense of facing (old school) or mail services and can keep your email from filling up.
  2. Move to a paperless meeting environment that reduces the need for printed handouts and agendas. In most cases, all you need is your laptop and an HDMI cable to present key content on the wall or screen instead of on a piece of paper. This can also help to ensure better engagement of your attendees as they are not able to skip ahead by looking at the next piece of paper in the stack.
  3. Scan older documents and make them searchable through scanning software. This means that even those old documents from decades ago can be turned into digital assets, and the optical character recognition (OCR) feature in your DMS can mean that those old documents can be easily found online instead of making you take critical time to search for a document, especially when you aren’t quite sure where it was filed.
  4. Invest in energy-efficient equipment such as LED lighting, energy-efficient printers that are coded for limited use, and other energy-saving office equipment that can reduce your carbon footprint and offset your energy bill.
  5. Use e-signature software that allows you to sign documents directly through your computer instead of requiring you to print, sign, scan, and return. Not only does this help to save some trees and time, but it also means that your signed documents can be easily stored and retrieved within your DMS.

The benefits of scanning software

Not all scanners work the same, and it is important to know what to look for when investing in a document scanner for your business. Different software systems vary in their ease-of-use and in their effectiveness. Here are some key questions to consider when selecting your software:

  • Is the scan to PDF software compatible with your scanner?
  • Does it give you a searchable PDF?
  • Will the scanning software shorten the number of steps it takes to scan? Does it facilitate bulk scanning?
  • Where does the PDF scanner software save your files?

Scanners, as a function, take pictures, even when you scan documents. So, even though you have scanned a document, and even though you can see words and text in the scan, your computer only sees an image. In order to make the content within that document something that can be found, it needs to be made into a searchable PDF. Making a scanned PDF searchable requires an extra step that many other scan-to-PDF software systems do not do. The system must perform OCR to turn the pictures of words into real words. When your scanner can convert scan old documents and convert them into searchable PDFs, you and your employees can save a considerable amount of time. For more information, you may click this link –

Choosing the Document Scanner that is right for your Business

Document scanners are used in both small businesses as well as in large and complex enterprises. Many types of document scanners exist, which allows the tools to be useful for a wide range of businesses.

To choose the right document scanner, you need to consider the type of tool that you are looking for. In most cases, you will want to select a scanner that allows you to convert paper documents into electronic files, and that provides management of files in an electronic format. You can visit PC World for more information about its implementation. These are some of the most common features that document scanner buyers are looking for:

  • Storage of all kinds of documents, including word processing files, emails, spreadsheets, and PDFs
  • Keyword search
  • Security through permission-based access to certain documents
  • Integration with programs that you already use such as Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox
  • Monitoring tools to see which users are accessing which documents
  • Versioning mechanisms that make note of edits to documents and reclaim old versions
  • Controls regulating when obsolete or antiquated documents can be deleted
  • Mobile device support for accessing, editing and sharing documents

Document scanners such as that offered by FileCenter DMS provides all of the above, and at a cost that most businesses can afford. In fact, FileCenter DMS is known as one of the most economical choices for a DMS system that comes complete with scanning software.

If you want your business to move forward and away from the days of filing cabinets that line every wall of your office space, investment in a DMS and document scanner will be a wise choice. While these systems might not be the most exciting purchase that your company ever makes, it may turn out to be the smartest. In today’s digital world, we have document management software to improve both the organization and accessibility of any company documents. Not only do these systems provide great benefits to the employees within the organization, but customers too prefer working with companies that they know are doing great things for the environment. They will also appreciate the increased responsiveness that you can provide when you can quickly access critical information and documentation within seconds.

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