How To Clean TV Without Streaks

TVs have been from a very long time. From the old CRT televisions to the latest LCD and Plasma flat-screen TVs.  However, the thing that has not changed a lot is how we clean our TVs. We still use the same cleaning techniques to wipe our TV screen that was used in the old days when TVs used to have thick glass screens.

However, flat-screen TVs today have a very thin plastic film over the screen for providing better picture quality and hence need more care than ever. If you use the wrong product or clean your TV screen in a wrong way then you may end up getting visible streaks on it.

However, with the right cleaning technique, these streaks doesn’t appear. Here, we are going to give you a few tips that you can use to clean your TV without damaging the screen.

Steps To Clean TV Without Streaks

Step 1

The first thing you need to do in order to get a shiny TV screen without streaks is to turn Off the TV and then remove the dust particle from the screen.  For this, you can use compressed air which will remove all the dust particles without scratching the screen.

Step 2

Now its time to spray some magic gel on the screen but don’t forget to use only the best TV screen cleaner gel. After spraying let the gel sit there on the surface for at least half a minute. Now after 30 seconds you can wipe off the gel from the screen. But remember you should only use the microfiber cloths to wipe your TV screen.

Pro Tip: Make circular motions with the cloth to wipe the screen and don’t apply much pressure.

Pro Tip 2: Never spray directly on the TV screen.

Step 3

Let the screen dry for some time. Now examine the screen, in most cases, the TV screen will shine like a pearl by just doing this much. However, if you still see visible scratches and streaks on the screen then you can read further.

Step 4

To remove stubborn streak from the screen you need to make a 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water. It’s ideal if you can get distilled water but clean tap water will also do good.

Step 5

Now dip the microfiber cloth in the mixture so that it soaks the mixture. Take out the cloth and squeeze it to take out the excess of the liquid mixture from it. Now gently rub the cloth over the streak and scratches on the TV screen. With this, the streak shall go.

Step 6

With this, the TV screen may get rid of all streaks. Also, after cleaning the surface don’t forget to wipe off the residue from the screen. If you leave the traces of the mixture on the screen then it may damage it in the long term.


As we know dust is the biggest enemy of electronics, thus, keeping your TV dust-free gives it a long life. However, keeping the screen clean is also equally important because of the dust particle accumulated on the screen can lessen the TV viewing experience. In the long run, it can also damage the screen with scratches and streaks.

To overcome this issue you need to frequently wipe off your TV screen with care. Tips shown in this article can greatly help you to keep your TV brand new for a longer amount of time. Also, you can invest in a TV cleaning kit which will make your TV cleaning tasks much easier and effective.


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