How To Clear Cache On Windows 10

We have all witnessed that terrible time when our PC doesn’t perform as we expect it to and as not every one of us is a computer engineer, it’s quite hard to tell what causes a PC to slow down. So, if you Google the term ‘PC slowing down,’ you’ll be surprised to find more results blaming cache. A cache is a data storing mechanism which stores data and files that can be accessed at a higher speed. If you install a ton of software on your PC, it automatically creates cache which if not cleared, clogs your storage like an unwanted guest. So, this tutorial will show you different ways to clear cache on your Windows 10 PC.

How To Clear Cache On Windows 10


We often spend half of the day browsing for a myriad of stuff on our browsers which creates an innumerable cache, creating problems you can’t even fathom. So, why not clear all these caches and do your PC a favor.

Open your browser (this method applies to all the browsers) and press Control + Shift + Delete key to summon Clear Browsing Data pop-up. You can alternatively go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Clear browsing data.

How To Clear Cache On Windows 10
Google Chrome’s cache cleaning option
Cache cleaning option on the Firefox

Check the cookies and other side data and Clear images and files options and then confirm by tapping on Clear Data. If you want, go to Advanced settings next to the Basic option. Click on the Time Range and select the option you are comfortable with but we say click on All Time so that there are no glitches at all.


Yes, you can clear your file explorer history as well. It’s fairly easy to do so. Press Windows Logo + E to open the file explorer.

Click on the file explorer icon on the taskbar. Tap on View > Options and a new pop-up box will open. Tap on the Clear option and then on OK.How To Clear Cache On Windows 10


This is the most commonplace option people use to clear the cache on their PC. To use this option, hit Windows Logo + R to open the Run Command. Once the dialog box appears, type %temp% in the empty box and press OK.

A new file explorer will open with tonnes of weirdly named folders. Those are the cache files of all the software you’ve used.

Select all the items by hitting Control + A and then press Shift + Delete to permanently delete these files. While deleting these files are necessary, some files which are active in the background won’t comply with the command. Check ‘Do this for all current items’ and press Skip. You can even check the size of all these temporary files by pressing Alt + Enter once you select all the files.

This is, by far, the method to Clear Cache On Windows 10.


Disk Cleanup is another option to remove cache on your Windows 10 PC. Go to your Start button and search for Disk Cleanup.

How To Clear Cache On Windows 10

Click on the app and you’ll be greeted with a scanning pop-up which will scan for the cache. It will take a few minutes depending on how much cache is just lying there in your PC.

Once the scanning is completed, you’ll see a dialog box. Check the boxes for temporary files and other option if you think is hogging more memory than it should. Click on OK and the cache files will be deleted.


Windows Store creates some temporary files whilst downloading and updating apps so it’s a good idea to even clear these cache. Hit the Windows Logo + R to open the Run Command and type wsreset.exe in the empty box and press OK.

How To Clear Cache On Windows 10

The process will take a bit of time and when it’s finished, the Windows Store will automatically appear.


If nothing works for you, there are plenty of alternatives to consider. So we picked Wise Care 365 to the dirty job. This is one easy software which clears all your caches, including Windows system cache, windows installer cache, Google Chrome cache, and other caches with just one click. The UI is super easy to navigate through the software.

How To Clear Cache On Windows 10

This was our list of options that can you clear you cache mast your PC fast again. Make sure to try all these methods to Clear Cache On your Windows 10 PC. This will bring back the charm of your PC. Do you folks use any other method to clear the cache? Let us know in the comments below.


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