How to convert a JPG into PDF on Windows 10

If your work depends on sending files (lots of it) via emails, you might know how hard it is to agree to every term the client puts forward, which may seem ludicrous at times. Due to various reasons, your job description might involve taking plenty of photos and then send it as PDF files. While converting them is not that difficult, doing it on a bad network connection or through a phone is no cakewalk. So, to take the load off your work make (and possibly your temperament), we’ll show you ways on how to convert JPEG (Joint Photographic Group) or JPG images into PDF (Portable Document Format) on Windows 10.

How to convert a JPG into PDF on Windows 10

Method 1: Microsoft Print to PDF

This method doesn’t require an internet connection. Only a JPG image to print. Open a file explorer by pressing Windows Logo + E combo. Navigate to the folder where the to be converted lies. Select the picture and right-click (You can even select multiple photos.) Look for Print option and click on it.

How to convert a JPG into PDF on Windows 10

A print dialog box will open. In the Printer section, select Microsoft Print to PDF along with Fit picture to frame and then click on Print.

How to convert a JPG into PDF on Windows 10

It will show you that the document is printing but in actuality, it is processing the conversion of JPG to PDF.

How to convert a JPG into PDF on Windows 10

On the save window, navigate to the folder where you want to save your photos. If the folder is saved as a Quick access shortcut, click on the left pane. Now click Save.

You will now see that the image has been converted into PDF and that any PDF reader can open the file.

So now let’s try Adobe Acrobat Reader and see if the file open or not.

As mentioned earlier, you can import multiple files to be converted into a PDF file but make sure the files are correctly named so you don’t have to go through the conversion again.

Method 2:

The next method requires an internet connection. Log on to this website and keep your files ready in a file explorer. Convert JPG to is an amazing website to configure the image and then convert it into a PDF file. The website lets you resize your JPG pictures, choose the PDF page margins and size. If you aren’t sure what do these options do, you can change them later. Once you decide on the margins, page size, page orientation, and image size, head on to JPG to convert to PDF and click on Select JPG files.

You can even cancel the upload mid-way. After the file is uploaded onto their server, the Convert to PDF option will be available. Click on it and a new window will be opened wherein you can download your file.

How to convert a JPG into PDF on Windows 10

The file can be viewed in any PDF reader. Make sure you have selected the margin, page size, etc. as the size of the PDF will depend on these parameters.

These two methods to convert a JPG into PDF on Windows 10 are simple so anybody could do them. If you don’t always have access to an internet connection, then method 1 is your holy grail. Method 2 is better, as it gives you multiple options to configure your files.


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