How to copy unselectable text on Android

While watching a YouTube video have this thing ever occurred to your mind that you need to copy that video’s description? Or on Twitter, you want to copy something but that text is not getting copied? Well, this heart-breaking scenario happens on almost every social media application. And apart from social media, there are a number of other websites too which don’t allow users to copy anything from their site. If you want any information, type it in an old-fashioned way!

And at such times you remember the good days, where you are able to simply select the text you want to copy and then paste it wherever you want. However, things are not that easy always. As what to do when you an application doesn’t give you the provision to copy texts? Well, you can still cut down the long tiring process and can copy the unselectable text from almost any application through your Android device. But how? Don’t worry, we will guide you through, just follow the steps mentioned below.

How to copy unselectable text on Android

How to copy unselectable text on Android:

  1. Install and open the Universal Copy application from the Google Play Store.
  2. Once the app is opened you will get the corresponding start screen. Now you have to enable the application. For doing so, tap on the “Universal Copy” option from the top.
  3. Next click on the “Open Settings” option. After that, you will be redirected to the settings menu. Now, under “Services” you will find the “Universal Copy” option, click on that and then toggle the button to turn on accessibility.
  4. Once the application is enabled, you will find a notification of the app on your status bar. Now, whenever, you want to copy any text, you will have to go to your notification bar and enable it for a particular time.
  5. Now, you can go to the unselectable text that you want to copy, from here you can either save the text in the clipboard or can directly share it too.

Suppose you want to copy something from YouTube’s video description (as we know copying description on YouTube is not possible). But with the Universal Copy app, you can easily do this. Just open that YouTube video whose description you want to copy. Next scroll down your status bar and tap on the “Universal Copy” button to activate it. Once activated, tap on the text you want to copy and then you will see two pink buttons. One button copies the text and the other shares the text. Choose according to your preference and then that’s it you are good to go.

So, with the above-mentioned steps, you can copy and paste any unselectable text that was once out of your reach. You can use this for almost any other applications or even on websites that are protected from copying. But for a head’s up, sometimes the Universal app won’t work for some applications. For example, Google Playstand, you won’t be able to copy anything from there. But for YouTube, Twitter, and other such social networking sites, the universal copy app is perfect for use.

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