How To Create A Folder In Gmail

Even though the advancement in technology has made human’s life simpler but it has evolved a new issue and that is Email overload! As for many people having their Gmail account is turning out to be a curse rather than a blessing. You ask why? Because of all the unnecessary emails that just clutters your account. Be it from a company, for financial bits of advice, for loans, or just any other thing which are not prioritized by you. And because of all these unimportant emails, your main messages get lost in the crowd.

But don’t lose hope you can still control your Gmail inbox by categorizing them into different folders. So that you know, which one is your important mail and which is just a waste. Although Gmail refers to its folders as labels. But the purpose is very same and that is to help you in uncluttering your Gmail inbox. And the best part through folders, you can also create subfolders or nested labels that will make your labels even more sorted.

So, if you want to differentiate and categorize your emails into different folders/labels then just follow the simple steps mentioned below.

How To Create A Folder In Gmail

How to create a folder in Gmail:

  1. The first and foremost step for making a new folder in Gmail is to open your Gmail account on your computer.
  2. Then slide on the extreme left corner which will open a slider with all your Gmail account details.
  3. Next, in the slider go to the last option and tap on “More”.
  4. Once it is opened, then tap on “Create new label”.
  5. Now for creating a new folder, enter the name of your label. Or you can even nest a label under your already made folder. Once done click on “Create”.
  6. Your label/folder is now created.

To add an email into your label simply click on the checker box of the message you want to add. Once clicked you will see a number of option above. Click on the last option that will be of “Labels” and now simply select the label you want your email in.

Note: Even though the steps mentioned are for a computer but your new folder will still show in your Android device.

So, following are the steps through which you can create a new folder and can easily unclutter your inbox in no time. And they are indeed very useful. As through labels, you can add any conversation which will also help you to search messages in a quick and easy way. So, long gone are the days when you have to compromise with your over-whelming Gmail inbox as with folders your life gets simpler.

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