How To Create A WhatsApp Group Invite Link

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the best instant messaging application. And it is no wrong in saying that it has now become a lifeline in people’s lives. Because the app has so many cool features such as video and audio calling, sending messages, multimedia files and so on. But one of the main features that this Facebook-owned company possess is sure ‘WhatsApp groups’.

So, if you are someone who is on WhatsApp for a long time then there are high chances that you might be a part of at least one WhatsApp group. The main purpose of such groups is to bring people together. And to give them information simultaneously without messaging everyone is personal. This method not only saves time. But also everyone in the group can speak about their opinions and suggestions on a particular topic which is seen by every participant.

Be it family groups, friends group or a group with your co-workers, every group serves the same purpose which is instant messaging to everyone. So, to get add in a group the only earlier method was in the hands of the group admin. Which is the same even now but it has been modified in a better way. As now the admins can add any participant in a group by sending a group invite link. Which is positive in a number of ways. As now the admins don’t have to save every number personally. They can send this invite to another group so that other people can join his group through the provided link. Admins just need to copy the link and they can share it on any social networking site they want. Which definitely cuts the long process of the group making, as the link spreads easily in no-time. And the best part anyone can share it with no hassle.

How To Create A WhatsApp Group Invite Link

Features of WhatsApp Group Invite Link:

  1. Time-saving.
  2. Anyone can join the group with their own will.
  3. No existing members’ approval needed.

Note: You need to be the admin of a group to start this process at the first stage.

How To Create A WhatsApp Group Invite Link:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2. Select and open the group conversation you want to send the link for.
  3. Press the “Three Dotted” menu button at the top right side of the screen.
  4. Tap on the “Group Info” option.
  5. You have to then click on “Invite Via Link”.
  6. Once you tap the option, you can see four options: Send the link via WhatsApp, Copy Link, Share Link, Revoke Link.
  7. To send this link to the WhatsApp contacts you can choose to “Send link via WhatsApp” option.

And just like that, your created link can be shared with any of your contacts.

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