How To Create Chrome’s Incognito Shortcut on Android

Google Chrome is the best browser on Android (and Windows for that matter) that comes with a lot of great features like dark mode, chrome flags, etc. There are times that you browse through a lot of websites but you want to keep some hidden from the public. Incognito is a lifesaver in such situations that lets you browse the internet privately.

If you are the one who wants to browse privately all the time (hey, we are not judging you!) opening Chrome and then selecting incognito is a cumbersome process. Fortunately, there’s a simple trick to save you all this trouble. So, bolt right in!

How To Create Chrome’s Incognito Shortcut on Android

Make sure you’ve Chrome installed on your phone, if not, click on the link given below.

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  • Make sure Chrome has a shortcut on your home screen.
  • Long press the Chrome app, where you’ll see two options – New Tab & Incognito Tab.
  • Click on the incognito tab and you’ll see that this option directly opens the private tab.
  • Go to your home screen again and long press on the Chrome app.
  • This time, drag the Incognito Tab onto the home screen.
  • Drop the shortcut wherever you like.
  • Click on the newly created incognito tab and start browsing.

Note: This option will only work if your phone is on Android 7 and above.

Watch the video given below for reference.

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