How to Create Moving Photos on Android: Popular Cinemagraph effect

How to Create Moving Photos on Android: Popular Cinemagraph effect

Sharing photos on social media is a common thing nowadays. People can easily upload photos and videos on social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Users tend to choose various options to impress their followers like interactive filters and so on. As of now, the moving photos are a rage these days on Instagram. Known as a cinemagraph, it has leapfrogged Boomerangs, and everybody wants to upload mesmerizing cinemagraphs. So, today we’ve come up with a short tutorial which will simplify the process of making a cinemagraph.

The above cinemagraph is a perfect example. The lady and her surfboard are still but the background sea waves seem to move. It is a very simple effect and can be achieved via an app. Zoemach Tecnologia offers us just the app for this effect called Zoetropic, which is a free-to-use which lets us create those amazing motion picture effect.


  • First and foremost, download the app (link given below).
  • Upload the desired photo (beach, sky, etc.)
  • In the ‘Motion Tool,’ you’ll see some yellow arrows. Select a start point and drag the arrows toward the end.How to Create Moving Photos on Android
  • Keep in mind, the yellow arrows must be on the part which you want to give the motion effect.
  • Now, select the ‘Sequence Tool’ and set the size of those arrows. To do so, drag your finger to make a sequence of the arrows.
  • Hop on to the ‘Stabilization Tool’ which will help limit some motions.
  • Select any border of the photo (like the line of faraway mountains or where the sea ends).
  • Press a point wherever you need to control the motion.
  • Now, simply drag and drop the points to a location. These points will connect which will be stabilized.
  • To view these points, click the ‘Details’ option on the menu.
  • Choose the ‘Select Tool’ will erase unwanted motions and stabilizations.
  • Press a point and select it. Now drag these points and press on the bin icon to confirm it.
  • Now use the ‘Mask Tool’. This option should be applied to the portion of the video which you want to stay still. How to Create Moving Photos on Android
  • Set an appropriate size of the mask and press and drag across the places you’d want to remain still.
  • Now, select eraser to erase the desired area.
  • For a precise photo, zoom to the painted area for more details.

There you have it. Don’t expect your first attempt to be a perfect one, so keep on trying (especially masking) for that amazing beach photo. Download the app from the link below and stun your followers with all your wonderful cinemagraphs.

[su_button url=”” background=”#0091ea” color=”#ffffff” size=”5″ icon=”icon: download” icon_color=”#ffffff”]Download Zoetropic[/su_button]

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