How to create quality backlinks for free ?

How to create quality backlinks for free?

It’s very important to start the business with asking yourself what do you want to achieve. That way you will be able to know which direction to follow and where to look for the best solution.

Of course, everyone who takes his job seriously, wants to do it right. By that we mean – the best service and the best quality. When starting your own business online, you want to have lots of visitors, good quality content and reliable service. In order to get visitors you have to rank your website in search engine. Let’s summarize – you want it all!

Sometimes you have to start from beginning if you want a top of the iceberg. You need to start from scratch – from making quality backlinks for your website.

Do’s and Don’ts

First of all you don’t want to use backlinks that can harm your reputation. You can avoid this by using websites that are reliable and that are related to your content. Domain that will link unreliable content to your website is usually spammed. That’s why you do have to use verified and authoritative sites. For example, sites like Wikipedia, Yahoo and Amazon have very high ranking and at the same time make it reliable.

If you don’t want to get penalties for contempt of law, you should avoid hyperlinks that can be related to black hat linking. In most cases this links have the same content, only in different form. This way you may end up creating a site that has small diversity percent. You do need to use some verified ways like:

Social Share and Blogging

How to create quality backlinks for free
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Creating your own social page and promoting your website. There have been some rumors that this technique is not the best solution, but it’s still the free one! Of course, you need to pay attention to whom you will provide information. It has to be the audience with similar interests if you want to increase your popularity.

There are many social pages these days, you can choose or promote yourself everywhere. Social sharing is still one of the best ways for digital marketing, especially if you choose some of the most popular like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or such.

Blogging is another great way for creating a quality backlinks. These links will be re-presentable because you can manage them and you can promote whatever you want in order to bring traffic to your door.

You can promote your brand; you can promote some popular search like scholarships, because sites with .edu would bring you many visitors during a month; you can write about some top niche and increase your popularity at once; you don’t have to worry about someone deleting your links and you can always have a fresh and unique content for your readers. That will get you stability and continuity.

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If you’re in buying and selling business, creating a blog is the best choice. You’ll have your domain, which links to your professionalism; you will have reliable connection with your costumers and you can promote your business to other sites, especially through social groups.

Backlink Tools

Another way can be called the technical one. You can install some verified SEO programs that will help you to find related content.

Free Backlink Tools

Backlink maker

This online free tool you don’t have to download, you can check for your links online. All you need to do is to enter your domain name and the tool will analyze your content and provide you the websites where you can get the best quality backlinks.

Backlink checker

This tool can be very helpful because it will give you additional information about backlinks you’re looking for. It will provide you with the links that are related to your domain and will give you the information such as page rank of the backlink source, extra information about anchor text which can be very important because you want to know more about your inbound links.

And like a highlight, this toll will give you information about any potential spamming that could lead to black hat linking. This is what you really need. That’s why we recommend, together with our dear friend from Spend Rush this online backlink tool checker.

Broken Link Finder and Check My Links

These two tools are still available free on the market and it’s easy to use them. All you need to do is to click on the button and Check My Links tools will show you all the broken links on one page. You don’t have to look for it on your own; this one will save you some time. Broken Link Finder will search the web for broken links by using a keyword you provide.

Paid Backlink Tools

Sometimes if you want the whole shebang, you need to pay to get some extra features.


This tool is great! In addition to give you the best information, it has the options to search and give you the results for the most popular websites. These websites are also safe and highly quoted on the internet: Facebook, Google + and Twitter. It will give you information about ranking and visitors, two of the most important things in CEO.


This tool has something that will help you if you’re working with a team. In this kind a situation, you need everything organized. When working with a lot of people around you it can be a problem. Buzzstream tool will make it easier for you. All you need to do is to add the domain you would like to analyze (followers, ranking) and you can outreach them through the email for backlinks inside this program. Buzzstream tool will organize the work and the team for you.

These few tips will help you to start and to improve your business carrier. Avoiding broken links and building your visibility and ranking on the web through social sharing and blogging will be your pass. These free online tools will help you to make that path a lot more easier.

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This is a guest post by Eric Price.

How to create quality backlinks for free? 


  1. The backlinks of your website decide the strength. The backlink checker mentioned above can work fine.

    Apart from using these tools, you can also check it from the websites. Make sure that the backlink shouldn’t be paid.

    Build your natural backlinks and enhance the chances of SEO.

    An informative post indeed.

  2. I think that Less quality backlinks better than a lot of non qualified backlinks.

    Backlinks are very important, it allows to get index in short period. What a nice post Brother for getting quality backlinks for free.

    I usually Digg and Do-Follow commenting to get my new blogs indexed quickly, but I am heading to check out those website now.

    Thanks for the info, it really does work!!!

    Happy Blogging 3Nions Team 🙂

  3. The links are earning should be natural. You steal your competitor links but try to build natural links by means of creating ever green content and Find your target audience and focus on satisfying customer needs rather than offering something falsely.


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