How To Do Color Pop In Snapseed

Image editing has been given a lot of preference with effects like portrait mode, ultrawide photo, zoom mode are quite popular on social media. Most people prefer Adobe Photoshop to churn out professional looking images but it is not possible for every one of us to use Photoshop. There are millions of apps that are optimized for smartphone usage which can satiate user’s every need. Today, we’ll be giving you a short tutorial on how to make color pop images on any photo.

Color Pop images look mesmerizing and are commonly used. It colors the selected subject while the rest of the image is black and white. While Samsung and Google have this feature built-in, we’ve selected Google’s Snapseed app to showcase how to achieve this effect. Scroll down to make your pictures pop-out.

How To Do Color Pop In Snapseed

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STEP 1: Open Snapseed and select an image of your choice. You’ll see a list of effects below the image. Select Pop or Accentuate to give your photo a saturated look(This step is optional). Then Click on the white tick mark.

STEP 2: Now Go to Tools & then Tap on Black and White. Select Neutral and Press Tick Mark. You can go with Contrast, Bright & other options as well.

STEP 3: Now you will see the Undo icon which is next to the information icon(ⓘ). Tap on the Undo icon, it will open up new options. From the options shown, you will have to select View edits.

STEP 4: Once you select View edits, Go to Black & White and then select Stacks Brush option which is next to delete icon or the center icon(refer image if there is confusion).

STEP 5: At the center-bottom, you’ll see another Black and White option with arrows to adjust the brush size.

Click on the subject. You’ll see a red color appear on the subject. This decides what part of the image is going to be a color pop. Precisely select the borders.

You can also zoom in to avoid any errors. Zoom too close for intricate subjects, like hair. There is no eraser icon but you can clear the errors by bringing the brush size to zero.

STEP 6: Once the selection is done, click on the invert tool which next to the cancel option. This gives you a peek into your output. In the invert mode, don’t apply the color on the subject, correct your background.

Click on the mask option (eye-shaped) which gives an accurate look of your output. Tap on the tick mark and the back arrow.

Click Export and choose from Share, Save, Export, Export as.

Keep in mind that the above process is a bit perplexing so you’ll have to keep trying if the results aren’t perfect. Snapseed also lacks a shortcut for eraser and the UI can get confusing at times but nonetheless, its shortcoming is worth ignoring as the output is flawless.

Here is the final result:



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