How To Do Rainbow Text On Instagram Story

Instagram, a giant photo and video sharing social networking site sure knows how to keep its users engage to their application. As in the past and even current year, Instagram has introduced a number of cool updates to their platform. Be it the GIF stickers where you can put amazing animations to your Insta stories, a question poll, funny face filters, the introduction of the mute button, and of course the ever popular IGTV. So, it though seems like Instagram is here to be for the longest time. And they know that Instagram story is a one-shot way for doing so. As a majority of teens nowadays love to share their day-to-day life socially with their friends and followers. And what best way to do it then posting it on their Instagram story section! Because of which Instagram is sure bringing more and more features to upgrade the story game of its users.

And one such hidden feature that Instgram has to offer to make your stories more eye-popping than ever is through a rainbow colored text. Yes, you read it right a rainbow colored text! You might have seen that for the respect for the Pride month Instagram introduced rainbow colored tags to their features such as hashtags, location tags, filters, and so on. But that’s not it through Instagram you can also change your normal text into something colorful or should I say into something rainbow.

So, for changing your normal basic text into a rainbow just follow the steps mentioned below and unlock a whole range of gradient colors.

How to do Rainbow Text on Instagram Story:

  1. Open your Instagram account.
  2. Head over to your Instagram story section. Now click a photo for the background or either add one from your camera roll. (For a plain background select the pencil, choose a color and tap and hold your finger on the screen).
  3. Once your background is selected, now comes the little tricky part. Write the text you want in rainbow then select the whole text.
  4. Once you have selected your text you will see various colors options at the bottom of your screen. Now for getting a rainbow, long press on the extreme right color and you will see a number of color gradients pop up on the screen.
  5. Then using both your hands (up to your choice) drag one finger across your text and simultaneously. And drag your other finger on the color palette but go slowly. And once you have covered all your text then you will have the colored or rainbow text you wanted. (keep your hands steady on a surface so that they won’t move in the process).
  6.  Once you are done turning your normal text into a rainbow, you can now share it on your Instagram story.

Though this rainbow text is a little difficult to get your hands on. But with practice, you can surely achieve this amazing feature. And there is no harm in doing so. As in return, you will get beautiful and colorful letters that will enhance your Instagram story. So, don’t get disheartened if you are unable to complete it in the first attempt. Do hang on to this rainbow text feature.

Although there is one more method for doing a rainbow text, and that is to write each letter individually and then color it separately. But it is sure time-consuming and may take a while depending on the length of your text. So, it is most preferable to try the above steps for a quick and easy rainbow text Instagram story.

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