How to download Instagram Photos and Videos on Android

Now, Instagram is one of the most popular social media network in the world that has been ranked as the number one social media platform for photos and videos stream. The Instagram allows you to upload videos and pictures to share your all moment with your best friends, lovers, and other family members. But the Instagram does not have any download feature to download your all uploaded photos, memes, quotes and videos on your device.

After uploading, you can share with your friends, share on other social media platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Hike, etc., and lastly, you can delete, but you cannot download on your smartphone. On the Google Play Store, you will find the lots of Android application that allow you to download your Instagram photos and videos on your smartphone. But the entire app does not work well, and some applications contain lots of more ads, and others perform well and come with the confusing user interface.

Here, in this article, we have mentioned full details about how to download Instagram Photos and videos using the “Insta Saver & Repost” application that you can download from the Google Play Store for absolutely free.

To download photos and videos from the Instagram, you need to download the app called ” Insta Saver & Repost” from the Google Play Store. The “Insta Saver & Repost” is free for all Android smartphone users. So open Google Play Store app on your Android smartphone and download it.

About Insta Saver & Repost

Insta saver and repost are known as a unique tool which is frequently used to download pictures and videos posted on Instagram, directly from the News Feed of Instagram, without filling up any important credential details. It also allows you to save your photos and videos on Instagram to the location of your phone.

Download Insta Saver & Repost App

Download Instagram Photos and Videos on Android using Insta Saver

1st Step: After downloading and installing the app, open it.

2nd Step: In the Application, you have to tap on “Open Instagram” button.

How to download Instagram Photos and Videos on Android

3rd Step: After the tapping on the button, choose any image that you want to download on your smartphone then tap on three vertical dots,

How to download Instagram Photos and Videos on Android

Now you can see the three options for sharing:

  • Copy Share URL
  • Share on Messenger
  • Share on WhatsApp

How to download Instagram Photos and Videos on Android

4th Step: Here you have to choose “Copy Share URL” option.

5th Step: Now open “Insta Saver & Repost” app and wait to refresh it.

6th Step: Here you can see your selected image with three icon buttons:

  • Share
  • Repost
  • Download

How to download Instagram Photos and Videos on Android

7th Step: Tap on “Download” icon to save photos on your smartphone

You’re done!

Features of Insta Saver & Repost

The following points given below are the application features of Insta Saver & Repost

  1. ‘InstaPhoto Download,’ feature present in Insta Saver and repost allows you to directly download images posted on Instagram to the location of your phone.
  2. The feature ‘InstaVideo Download,’ allow you to directly download videos posted on Instagram to the location of your phone.
  3. By using the feature ‘Repost Photos and Videos,’ Insta saver and repost allow you to repost any videos or images you have downloaded or shared before to your Instagram.
  4. ‘Share on All social networks,’ feature allows you to share all your posts, photos or videos to any of the social media websites or the messaging websites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Hike, Twitter, etc.
  5. The feature ‘Add your watermark to photos,’ in Insta Saver and repost allow you to use your own created watermark to any of your images or videos posted on Instagram.

Reviews of Insta Saver and Repost

If you are somewhat not satisfied with Insta Saver and Repost, you can always go through the reviews shared by different people who have used this application. Well, you can find such reviews on the internet, on any relevant website, but, the best way of finding reviews that matter is by going to Google Play Store.

On Play Store, if you find out this application and go to the reviews section, the first attractive part you will find is the 4.9 stars rating out of 5 stars which are calculated on 71 reviews as of now. Now that is an attractive number and may put to shame to many applications of such field. It is tough to find apps rating over 4.5 stars and this application hold 4.9 stars. This figure should at least convince any mind who is looking for such an application to download pictures and videos posted on Instagram. To serve as the cherry on the cake, you can also read individually all the reviews written by the people.

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We hope you have enjoyed this article, do share your views if you know any such apps. Also, share your reviews and experience with this app on Google play store to help us to grow.

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  1. Wow amazing trick shared @Mayur but i use Instagram+ ( which provides direct download button 😊 We just don’t have to download any othe application and we don’t have to much effort 😛


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