How to Enable Android System Webview

How to Enable Android System Webview

Learn How to Enable Android System Webview on your Android device.

What Is Android System Webview?

Android System WebView allows Android apps to display web content which is powered by Google Chrome. A few years ago, applications such as Facebook were dependant on the external browsers to open links on the platform. Android System WebView resolves this predicament by operating as an in-app browser. It is pre-installed on all Android phones. This helps various apps to load URLs without leaving the application.


How to Enable Android System Webview

Google introduced Android System Webview with Android Jellybean but a few years later, it disabled the application with Android Nougat. It was potently replaced with the Google Chrome browser as it can be used as a webview application. So if you don’t see the service and want to enable it, there’s a way through Developer Options. Keep in mind that some manufacturers implement their own WebView System, Xiaomi’s MiWebView being the example.

Step 1: Launch Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Scroll till you find System, About Phone, or This Device.

Step 3: Locate Build Number and tap on it 7 times till you see a notification pop-up “Developer Options has been enabled.”

Step 4: Open Developer Options and search for WebView Implementation or something similar.

How to Enable Android System Webview

Step 5: You can enable it but don’t use anything other than Chrome WebView for Android Nougat and Android System WebView for Android 10.


What is the use of the Android System WebView?

Google defines Android System WebView as a “system component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content.” In a nutshell, it allows third-party apps to show content in an app screen or browser that pulls from the web.

Why is my Android System WebView disabled?

Android System WebView is covered by Google Chrome from Nougat onward. If you want to activate the WebView, turn off or disable Chrome.

Is it safe to disable the Android System WebView?

If your phone has Android Nougat or above, then it’s safe to disable it, otherwise don’t disable it. Moreover, you cannot completely disable the Android System Webview; you can uninstall the updates but not the app itself.

This is how to enable Android System Webview.

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