How To Enable Dark Mode In Windows 10 File Explorer

Dark mode has taken over some apps for Android and iOS which reduces the strain on the eyes. While web applications such as Twitter and Chrome have had workarounds for dark mode, Windows 10 eluded it for quite some time. In an update, Microsoft finally enabled us to control the background ambiance from light to dark. This setting applies not only to the File Explorer but also to other various aspects of the software.

How To Enable Dark Mode In Windows 10 File Explorer

  • Open Settings and head to Personalization and the choose Colors OR
  • Click on the Windows button and search Dark.
  • Click on the Dark theme settings.
  • Scroll down the menu and look for Default app mode.How To Enable Dark Mode In Windows 10 File Explorer
  • You’ll see that the app mode is set to Light by default.
  • Tap on the Dark option to enable Dark mode.
  • Now go to the File Explorer and check whether or not the dark mode has been applied.
  • This darkens the entire UI.

If the dark mode does not blend with the user interface, you can adjust other settings, like Accents. In the Color section, look for Windows colors and select any one color which applies to your status bars, etc. If you don’t feel like choosing a color, select “Automatically pick an accent color for my background” box and the software will apply random accent color.

Keep in mind that toggling on the Dark mode switch will darken the entire UI, like the Microsoft Store, the Calendar, and the Settings. Apple does a great job in this section as macOS Mojave nails the dark theme. While Microsoft still needs improvements in this section, they are doing their best.

We hope that Microsoft gives us more updates that improve Windows 10 in every aspect. What do you think of Windows’ dark mode? Do you use it? Let us know in the comments below.