How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Chrome Browser

We, humans, spend half a day looking at our various gadgets, such as smartphones and computers for work, social media or playing games. This has proven to be harmful, not only for the eyes but also for the posture. Though the posture part can be managed by us, safeguarding our eyes is a bit difficult. Thanks to some OEMs, like Samsung, who introduced dark mode for their phones while others are following suit. Google’s Chome Canary has all the features you’d wish for but installing an altogether different browser just doesn’t seem right. So, finally, Google has released a solution for our straining eyes.

With some workarounds, use a working dark mode for your Google Chrome. So follow the step below to enable the dark mode on Google Chrome browser:

This isn’t the final version as Google will release a dedicated mode soon. Try the above steps and let us know what do you feel about the dark mode.


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