How To Enable Dark Mode on Twitter App

People are using their smartphones 24×7 which is alarming for the eyes. Most of the apps prefer white paint while others are set at black by default. There is an option for the blue light filter which lowers the strain on the eyes but the white background does no good while staring at our phones at night. Enter Dark Mode! Dark mode lets the user switch the colors of the app to black which does not strain their eyes and has been commonly adopted by apps like Chrome, Feedly, Facebook Messenger or Samsung’s Android 9.0 One UI skin. Today, we’ll tell you how to enable dark mode on Twitter.

How To Enable Dark Mode on Twitter

STEP 1: Open Twitter and click on your profile icon, next to Home.

STEP 2: After you click on the profile, it will be expanded. Navigate to the bottom left corner and click on the blue light bulb icon.How To Enable Dark Mode on Twitter

STEP 3: It will immediately switch to a dark mode by just a single flick.How To Enable Dark Mode on Twitter

Now you can browse through hundreds of tweet at night without bothering your eyes too much. What do you guys think of the dark mode? Do you often use it? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.


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