How To Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode on Android

Phone manufacturers have always focused on the hardware rather than the software, which is how we use our phones. Software features matter a lot and some even swear allegiance to brands because of their nifty features. We spend a lot of time on our phone and basically the screen which hurts our eyes. Dark Mode is an eye-friendly mode that wraps the entire app or the interface into a black canvas, which lowers the strain on our eyes. Samsung leapfrogged Google, thanks to One UI which enables users to turn their phone into black with their ‘Night Mode.’

Today’s tutorial will focus on the dark mode that just made its way onto the Chrome browser. So, dive in and prolong the life of your eyes.

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How To Enable Google Chrome Dark Mode on Android

STEP 1: Open Google Chrome and open a New Tab. On the URL section, type chrome://flags

STEP 2: Once you are directed tp flags, type dark mode in the search bar.

STEP 3: You will get two options. Click on the default tab and select ‘Enabled’ for both the options.

STEP 4: Android web contents dark mode converts the pages into black, while Android Chrome UI dark mode wraps the entire app in black color.

Make sure to relaunch the app at least twice so that the flags come into effect.How to Enable Dark Mode on Chrome

STEP 5: Once that’s done, you will see that the pages are black but the app UI is still white.

STEP 6: Go to Settings and you’ll see Dark mode just below the Homepage function.

STEP 7: Toggle the switch on and the app will instantly turn black.

Go to any website and open the page to see if dark mode is applied, on both the page and the UI. If you are not able to see the Dark mode option in settings, relaunch the app. It should be visible now.

Dark mode is the most requested feature by many smartphone users and its good to see that Google is finally jumping on the bandwagon. What do you think about the dark mode? Will you use it? Let us know in the comments below.


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