How To Enable The Floating Keyboard In Gboard

On-screen keyboards are close to imitating the physical keyboards we were so used to (thank you Nokia and Blackberry!) But since phones have gone all screen, we are dependent on the screen keyboards which have improved way too fast. Swiftkey and Gboard have raised the bar rather high and thanks to the constant updates, the apps are improved for faster performance bundled with new features. One such underrated feature is the floating keyboard mode which saves a lot of hassle for people who live on their keyboard. This enables users to get a lot more screen space and as the keyboard is floating, you get to move it anywhere you like. Today’s tutorial will focus on this small yet powerful feature. So, scroll below and know how to enable the floating keyboard mode in Google’s Gboard.

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How To Enable The Floating Keyboard Mode In Google’s Gboard

STEP 1: Open any app where you can type, like Messages or WhatsApp. When the keyboard is visible, you will see the Google logo. Tap on it. How To Enable The Floating Keyboard In Gboard

STEP 2: You’ll see a host of options. Click on the very first option.How To Enable The Floating Keyboard In Gboard

STEP 3: If you don’t see any such icon, click on the three dots and you’ll find it there.How To Enable The Floating Keyboard In Gboard

STEP 4: Once the floating keyboard mode is enabled, you will see the keyboard in undocked mode. To adjust the size of the undocked keyboard, drag the blue highlighted corners and scale it.

You can type with this petite keyboard and move it on your whim. While moving it, the keyboard becomes translucent which in turn shows what’s in the background.

STEP 5: If you want to switch back to the regular mode, just drag the keyboard to the bottom of the display.

Here’s the video for a better understanding:

While Swiftkey was first to give us this feature, Gboard has improved on it which makes it the best keyboard app you can use on Android. Let us know your opinions on whether or not you liked our coverage on how to enable the floating keyboard mode in Gboard.


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