How to get a great email campaign started

The internet is really a force to reckon with. Especially when it comes to marketing, there is no other source that will guarantee you a crowd pull bigger than what the internet has to offer. Now there are several ways one can use the internet for marketing purposes, but over time, email marketing has proven to be one of the most trusted methods around.

Don’t ask me what it is, maybe it’s the personal touch of receiving a carefully worded polite mail or that subtle self-promotion, emails have always been the key to success in online marketing. And if you’re here to learn, learn you will.

How to get a great email campaign started

How to get a great email campaign started

Step 1: Acquire the customer’s email address

The first step to starting out with an email campaign as well, duh, getting some emails you can send out promotions to.

Now most people don’t give out their email addresses easily these because of the spam storm their email IDs are put through once they do the same. So you’ve to reassure them that spamming them is something you’ll strictly stay away from.

Actually the more details you give them regarding what you’re gonna do with their email, the better.

Step 2: Stay away from the blacklists

Most email service providers go into try hard mode trying to provide their customers with a spam free inbox, and all of them have a list of address they’ll just send right to the spam box.

Now how do you as a business owner try and stay out of the spam mail? Well, the easiest, way is make them add you to their friend’s list (you can put in instructions in the initial mail you send out).

There are obviously other ways possible, and when has a Google search never helped anyone out?

Step 3: Stand up to the expectations you set

If you told your customers you’ll let them be the first ones to try out your new app, make sure they are.

If you told them you’ll notify them of every post you make, do so.

Basically, build a strong image of your business in your customer’s eyes. In doing so you earn their trust and building a good relationship with your customers will only guarantee good returns.

Step 4: Analytics

Analytics form an important part of a good email campaign. You NEED to know what emails customers respond to, which ones they open, which ones they don’t. And analytics, my friend is the key to all this.

There are obviously three categories that you should pay special attention to. Open Rate, Unsubscribers and Click Through Rate.

Open Rate gives you the percentage of people who actually open your emails, rather than leaving them there unopened.

Unsubscribers are, as the name suggests, the number of people who unsubscribed from your email service. Now if you see a sudden influx of unsubscribers you need to hunt down what you’ve done wrong and fix it ASAP.

Click Through Rate tells you how much your message is actually getting across. People might be opening your emails but not actually doing what you require them to do.

So that’s a brief idea of how you can establish a good sustainable email campaign. Seems like a lot of work? Well, it is. But what if I tell you there is an easy way. Yes, you read that right. SendPulse has a brilliant automated email marketing service they call Automation 360 which does everything we just mentioned above for you.

Well it doesn’t do everything but it makes the whole task a lot easier for you. And it is something I would highly recommend. You can find out more here:

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