How To Get Gaming Mode On Any Android

Remember the time when playing video games via TV by connecting a player bundled with cassette was goals during our summer vacation? Well, it’s day-to-day now, thanks to Android & iOS’s games categories. The games we play rakes in billions of dollars with the in-app purchases. While playing games is purely a matter of killing time, there are gamers who take the onus earnestly. Playing on an XBOX or gaming PC is a unique experience which cannot be replicated on a smartphone. But carrying the aforementioned luxuries while traveling is a hefty task. So, we’ve got you another tutorial on how to get gaming mode on any Android phone which will surely elevate the gaming experience on your phone.

How To Get Gaming Mode On Any Android

How To Get Gaming Mode On Any Android

Gaming Mode by Zappcues is a brilliant step-bother to Samsung’s own version of Game Tools with slightly added functionalities. While the former is only available for Galaxy devices, the latter can be downloaded on any Android phone.

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After you’ve downloaded the app, open it and you will find that customization is its prowess. The app lets you automatically apply a myriad of settings. If you aren’t accustomed to such tools, you can simply turn it off and configure the settings.

Features of Gaming Mode:

There are tonnes of nifty features baked in this app that you can take advantage of while killing your enemies. Some main features include rejecting calls while playing, block all notifications while gaming on your Android device, and disabling the auto-brightness (can be set to your preference). Other functionalities Gaming Mode includes is the ability to free up RAM and clear background apps to boost the game’s performance, changing WiFi and media volume. Gaming Mode can also be used with apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and other video players which is quite neat.

If even these features don’t please you, there’s a pro version that increases the number of the app’s functionality. You can whitelist numbers from getting auto-rejected and allow calls from unknown numbers when call rejection is switched on.

While there are enough features to please intense gamers, the developer will keep updating the app with. The upcoming features teased are: suppress calls, draft messages and send them to people whose calls were rejected. You will be able to whitelist apps from notifications and create a widget to launch a game directly from your home screen.

Developers are launching ‘Lite’ versions of their games so that it reaches every nook and corner of the world. Apps like this is a step forward to levitate the craziness. What do you think of this? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.


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